The most widely used method of growing Cannabis is indoors. This is a favored choice for growers living in seasonal climates. This allows the grower to grow all year-round. It gives the grower complete control over the growing conditions. When starting a new indoor crop, there are many considerations for the grower. These decisions shouldn’t be made in haste as they are quite important. The following is a basic overview of the considerations for indoor cannabis crops.

  1. Space: The space needs to be able to handle the size of the crop and the equipment. The space also needs to have or potentially have the proper growing conditions. For this an enclosed space is recommended. Some popular spaces are the attic, basement, an unused bedroom or a closet.   The grower also needs to consider how much money they are willing to spend on the proper growing space. There are also prefabricated growing tents and boxes for indoor growing.
  2. Choosing a Strain: Space again needs to be considered when choosing a strain. The Indica plant is a shorter plant and therefore requires less space. The Sativa plant is a larger plant requiring more space to grow. The auto flowering Ruderalis plant is great if space is limited as it is the smallest of the Cannabis plants.
  3. Soil or Hydroponics: Choosing the growth medium for the crop is another consideration the grower needs to make. Both soil and hydroponics have their advantages and disadvantages. Soil is great because of it’s affordability and ease of use. While hydroponics is more expensive it results in a larger yield.
  4. Lighting: There are three choices when it comes to choosing lighting for the crop. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), LED lighting or High Intensity Discharge (HID). When choosing lighting finances and space are important deciding factors.
  5. Water and Drainage: Whether the medium is soil or hydroponics access to a reliable, quality source of water is essential. It is a top priority for the grower when choosing a space for the crop.
  6. Temperature: Cannabis crops are grown outdoors in climates with consistent temperatures in the 21- 27 degrees Celsius (70 – 80 degree Fahrenheit). Parts of the Southern USA and the Tropics are perfect temperatures for outdoor growing.   This type of climate needs to be recreated indoors. Temperatures outside this range either way can damage the crop. It is key to measure the temperature constantly and maintain control over it. The use of fans can be a great help and it also has the benefit of supplying the crop with fresh air.
  7. Air Circulation: Cannabis plants use a lot of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). To maintain proper air circulation, use of a vent and a fan is necessary. This will ensure the plants remain healthy. In combination with the usage of an odour control system will keep the smell to a minimum.
  8. Security: The most important thing for a grower is security of the crop. Growing Cannabis can attract unwanted attention. There are some simple things to consider to protect the crop.
    1. Noise Reduction: There are things that can be done to reduce the noise of the pumps and fans. Insulating ductwork with rubber or foam can go a long way to reducing overall noise levels.
    2. Odour: Using an odour control system will help keep the crop secure.
    3. Efficiency: Whatever the growth medium there is bound to be a spike in the electricity bill. This can be a big red flag that there is a cannabis crop inside. Making energy efficient choices can reduce this spike and help keep the crop undetected.
    4. Secret: Keeping the crop a secret is the easiest way to protect the crop. A need- to-know basis is a smart choice.

Starting a Cannabis crop is a big decision. There are many factors that attribute to the success or failure of the harvest. It takes research, planning and preparation. Being aware of these factors will help the crop succeed.