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NYC Diesel-Auto Fem

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NYC Diesel is a Sativa hybrid and has been awarded the Cannabis Cup Awards nine times over the years.  It is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.   It is one of the most decorated and reveered Sativa dominant strains in the world
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NYC Diesel by Farmers Lab Seeds

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NYC diesel originated from Big Apple way back in 1922 when two friends met and one of them gave a bag of seeds to the other.  As the story goes, he tasted the seeds and thought they were amazing and according to him, they had a unique taste unlike any that he had ever tasted. The strain was first produced by Soma seeds in New York in the early 1980s.  It is a crossbreed of Mexican Sativa and Afghani and Hawaiian Indica’s. It is Sativa dominant with 60% of Sativa It wand 40% Indica. NYC diesel has a sour diesel, gassy, pungent lime and ripe red grapefruit aroma.

It produces plenty of buds and grows tall. NYC diesel produces a few broad green leaves that turn purple when close to harvesting. It can grow up to 12 feet when planted outside although it is suited for either indoor, outdoor or to be cultivated in greenhouses. It takes approximately 70-80 days to flower and produces yields of about 400-500g/m2. NYC diesel has a high THC content of about 16-22%. It requires a warm and sunny outdoor atmosphere for it to thrive well.  As a result, it calls for some experience for its upkeep in order to maximize yields. Though the NYC Diesel plant is small, its yields are plenty.

Smoking Experience

Smokers love NYC Diesel because it is very energetic and it leaves them feeling happily high. It balances between the high cerebral feeling and a mild body stone. It generally induces positive energy. For smokers, NYC Diesel leaves them feeling euphoric, happy, uplifted, energetic and relaxed. The adverse effects are having a dry mouth, dry itchy eyes, and mild headache and feeling slightly dizzy. It also leaves some feeling dehydrated.

Mental Experience

It stimulates mental activity leading to the generation of ideas and it also serves as a great source of inspiration. It may make some users paranoid, slightly dizzy and even lead to anxiety especially for inexperienced smokers and if consumed in high amounts.

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Medical Uses

NYC Diesel has a munchies effect which effectively works to boost appetite and to revert eating disorders. Due to its high levels of THC, The diesel is a very effective anti-inflammatory and a good cure for fibromyalgia and arthritis. It is very energetic and can thus be used as a wake-up call for patients on medication and for some, it can be taken in the afternoon to boost energy levels.
NYC Diesel is a great stress reliever and it helps to treat anxiety and those with depression. It is also used to relieve mild pain, nausea, and aches

How to Grow

Growing NYC Diesel requires lots of patience, know-how, and expertise and is therefore not a task for beginners. Most farmers will either go for outdoor cultivation and take advantage of natural lighting to aid in flowering or they may opt for outdoor cultivation as it helps in germination and may equally produce yields if supplied with constant lighting.
It has two growth phases. The first phase is the germination and vegetative phase. This entails producing new seedlings. It is also during this phase that photosynthesis takes place which makes the seedlings grow taller up to about 13 inches. This first phase normally takes place during the winter period. The second phase is the flowering phase whereby the seedlings are now placed outside. Their exposure to light stimulates flowering and aids in making the buds puff.
The seedlings can only be placed outside after developing grow tips on each set of the leaves. The plant has a fur-like tree shape, large and wide green leaves, sharp buds and brownish hairs. The lower parts of the plant should be pruned so that the nutrients available will be directed to where they are most required. The plants require healthy soil composed of micro-organisms and microorganisms to thrive well. Constant topping up with phosphorous especially during the vegetative phase should be done in order to stir the canopy kind of growth.

The Farmers Lab Amnesia Strain – The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence

The NYC Diesel for sale by Farmers Lab Seeds has its roots closely associated with the cannabis species origins from Asia.  We are incredibly proud to make this seed available to our customers.

Good Growing!

The Farmers Lab Team