Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

You can buy autoflower cannabis seeds at a reasonable price by shopping at Farmer’s Lab. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are popular because of their fast flowering and harvest times. Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds produce only female marijuana plants that are potent and intense. Growers are willing to pay more for strong plants that produce fast results without damaging the quality of the yield.

Top Eight Most Popular Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

When you buy autoflower cannabis seeds, you are ultimately choosing an easier growing operation. Opting to buy autoflowering seeds from the top cannabis strains can generate a positive experience for every grower.

  1. AK-47 – These seeds produce a sativa dominant hybrid plant that produces cerebral effects of euphoria and creativity. The long lasting effects and indoor/outdoor growing capabilities make this strain an optimal choice for many growers.
  2. Sour Diesel – The Sour Diesel strain is a hybrid that is sativa dominant. Also known as Sour D, it is one of the most widely used strains of cannabis in the world. The uplifting euphoric effects are mainly cerebral. The citrus flavor is sharp and lingering.
  3. Amnesia – Amnesia is a hybrid strain that is mostly sativa dominant. It is a moderately difficult strain to grow, but it can be grown indoors and outdoors. The typical flowering time for Amnesia is seven to ten weeks.
  4. Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a classic sativa dominant hybrid strain that originated in California. The typical THC levels of this strain can range anywhere from seventeen percent to twenty four percent. The flowering time can take up to ten weeks, but the yield is massive.
  5. Purple Kush – Purple Kush is another popular classic strain that is moderately difficult to grow. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but it has a short flowering time of seven to eight weeks. Purple Kush is an indica strain that produces a moderate yield of up to four hundred G/M².
  6. Blueberry – Blueberry is a legendary indica strain that dates back to the early nineteen seventies. This strain ranges from moderate to difficult in growth difficulty, but it contains THC levels as high as twenty percent.
  7. NYC Diesel – NYC Diesel is an award winning sativa dominant strain of cannabis. While this strain is difficult to grow, it only takes eight to ten weeks to flower. The THC levels of NY Diesel are typically around fifteen to twenty percent. It has an earthy and potent flavor that contains hints of grapefruit. This strain can grow well both indoors and outdoors, and the plants produce yields as high as six hundred G/M².
  8. Jack Herer – This indica strain has vibrant hues of color, and it produces a sweet flavor and aroma that resembles blueberries. The eight to ten week flowering time is worth waiting for to haul in the yields known to be up to five hundred G/M².

Instructions to Place Your Order

Customers can place their orders to buy autoflower cannabis seeds from Farmer’s Lab by visiting the website. Customers can also call 1-844-814-3013 to place orders from Farmer’s Lab.