Autoflower Seeds California

Autoflower Seeds California

Modern cannabis growers enjoy a freedom that was not present a couple of decades ago. They are spoilt with the number of strains in the market and enjoy choosing a strain with specific benefits of consumption. Autoflower seed strains have a list of benefits in comparison to other photoperiod varieties. The short life cycle attracts growers seeking instant harvests and an easy growth period.

Farmer’s Lab has several California Orange autoflowering marijuana seeds in California. We have fair pricings ranging between $55 and $145, per the sizing and volume. The following synopsis will guide you to make an informative analysis before you buy autoflowering seeds in CA.


This seed is a legendary strain that made its debut in the hippie age, the 70s. Experienced unique flavor of relaxed highness. The flavor imitates an Afghani smell, which intensifies after combustion. The smell is a mild form of Indica that remains prominent The scent imitates the blueberry taste and has a colorful eye-catching appearance.

Dwarf Lowryder

This is the best strain for people who have a small growing space. It is ideal for concealed indoor growths for farmers who want a modest yield. It contains seventy percent Indica and ten percent Ruderalis.

The autoflowering seeds has a close relation to a cannabis species from Asia. Our store is happy to deliver this strain because for its exotic high and long-lasting euphoria.


This strain has a name for its ability to induce long-lasting relaxation and a sweet mellow feeling. AK-47 is a popular cannabis strain with a THC content of twenty percent. It is common for social entertainments and has a wide range of flavors. It is a mixture of various cannabis varieties, which are easy for novice growth and a timed harvest period at about the end of October.


This strain is also known as the Sativa dominant strain. It gives a high boost of amnesia, creative euphoria and a relaxation for mood swings. It also has a powerful boost of energy that triggers a mild body tingle.

It has a THC content of twenty percent and requires approximately 80 days to reach the flowering stage. Amnesia stems from Asia and is highly effective in treating different forms of sleep disorders.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a California-based hybrid cannabis with dominant Sativa properties. The strain made its name among veteran cannabis growers and gives the entire body complete relaxation. Blue Dream Seeds are a mix between Sativa Haze and Blueberry and have a long-lasting enjoyable taste. Many Canadians and Americans enjoy Blue Dream and have made it popular in its origin area California, and populations in Washington and Colorado.

Purple Kush

This strain is another one of a Californian decent. It has a vibrant purple color and mixed taste accents from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The THC varies between seventeen and twenty seven percent and a thick bud structure. Purple cannabis is common for its exciting high in social parties.

Growers seeking autoflower seeds in California happily enjoy the high quality selections of our farmers. Buy autoflower cannabis seeds online for the best strains with a reasonable yield from a small volume of purchases.

Autoflower Seeds California