Buy Feminized Seeds Usa

Buy Feminized Seeds Usa

Anyone who savors a joint owes a magical feeling to the female cannabis plant. This case is because only female plants can produce cannabinoids. North Americas, who grow feminized seeds apply various modern technologies to produce female genetics. Are feminized seeds good? Numerous advantages of feminized seeds eliminate the guesswork from germinating regular seeds.

Strains to consider before you buy feminized seeds in the USA

Farmer’s Lab sells several popularized feminized seeds in different volumes. Here are a few choices on how you can buy feminized seeds in the USA.

Bubba Kush

This strain has a high concentration of Indica and rampant popularity in the western world. The biological history states that it is a breed of OG Kush and an unknown Northern Lights strain. The phenotype has a THC content of between twelve and twenty-one percent.

Bubba Kush gains its popularity from its unique taste and high fertility rate. The smell and flavor made it a primary strain in the creation of Bubba’s Gift, Madness, and Blackberry Kush.

Girl Scouts Cookies

The GSC strain is a Sativa and Indica hybrid that is the combinative result of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It has an Indica content of UG Kush and Sativa quotient of Durban Poison. Girl Scout has a THC content of at least nineteen percent, which gives a relaxed and euphoric feeling.

Gorilla Glue

This strain began its climb to fame in the 70s. It is an Indica strain with a THC content of twenty percent. Gorilla Glue gives one a calm, relaxed feeling; it is perfect for a chill recreation time, whereas the Sativa version will make you excited. It is essential to understand that the Sativa version is best for early mornings, while the Indica version is best for a relaxed evening.

Gorilla Glue has a couple of awards from the Cannabis Cup. It is a mixture of several best-feminized seed strains and continues to give an earthy and chocolatey smell and taste.

Green Crack

The eccentric name is not a direct representation of its actual content. It has a quick and high hit that can quickly destabilize a seasoned cannabis user. The Sativa potency requires a slow intake so one can easily manage the thirteen percent THC content. Green Crack has a strong reputation in providing support for a clear focus.


Trainwreck is famous in cannabis dispensaries because of its multifaceted benefits. The strain has both Indica and Sativa but contains a higher Sativa quotient. It has a THC content of up to twenty-one percent and gives a fast adrenaline surge with increased creativity. The difference between Trainwreck and other strains is that it warms the body and numbs any present pain.

Where to buy feminized cannabis seeds in America

Female cannabis seeds are not as mysterious as they appear to newbie cannabis growers. We follow a simple feminization process to give clients the purest cannabis seeds. Our batch ensures you produce a particular cannabis strain for the health or enjoyment of the users. Shop our American weed seed banks at any time for more feminized seeds than listed above and enjoy all the indicated benefits.

Buy Feminized Seeds Usa