Canada Marjuana Seeds

Canada Marjuana Seeds

Canada marijuana seeds come from an established and legal line. Farmers Lab Seeds wants you to receive the full therapeutic power of quality marijuana and offers anyone the change to grow their own plants.

Why should I purchase seeds from an online bank?

Online seed banks offer variety and affordability. We can bring you exactly what you are looking for, provided from a centralized location. Whether you want Blue Dream, OG Kush, or NYC Diesel, you get the high you need to solve any medical problem or just to relax.

We also cater to any skill level. Auto-flowering and feminized plants shipped discreetly to your home to help new growers and experienced horticulturists alike.

What makes the best seed bank in Canada?

Above all, your seed bank needs a quality assurance program. Seeds may be diseased, incapable of flowering, or male when you order only female plants.

We use a strict seed checking program to find blemishes significantly altering the quality of your plants. To cover any errors, we even provide a free seed.

Extensive Catalog

Online seed banks are extensive. We meet all needs and will stock what you want when there is leftover space in our warehouse. Every corner of our storage space is used for marijuana instead of sales.

We even provide strains thought to be long dead. Blue Dream provides both energy and relaxation but disappeared from most retailers by 2015. Grow your own with our seeds.


Growers, especially in this economic climate, are looking to buy cannabis seeds for sale. Online repositories are setup to bring the most value with central locations and limited overhead.

You get seeds for the cheapest possible price. Our plants produce up to or beyond 21 ounces of marijuana for as low as $45 for a six seed pack.

Strains for all needs

Online seed banks would not be the best place to buy weed seeds if they did not cover every need. Medical marijuana users know the difference between OG Kush and NYC Diesel. Some strains help with insomnia, others create energy.

Blue Dream is perfect for increasing appetite. Those with limited space benefit from our Dwarf Lowryder variant.

Discreet and legal shipping

In contrast to popular belief, shipping seeds is legal. They do not contain any controlled substances which makes them shippable. It is up to you to determine if your capability to grow plants is limited.

Still, we want to give our clients peace of mind and offer completely discreet shipping. Our branding is not on your package to help keep your relief away from prying eyes.

Canadian cannabis seeds online

Canada marijuana seeds are the perfect solution to obtaining quality relief at an affordable price. Seeds are inexpensive and online seed banks such as ours are expansive with dozens of variants even those though to be dead.

At Farmers Lab Seeds, we believe everyone should have access to quality cannabis seeds and check every pack. Visit our website today to find out which strains are perfect for you from the comfort of your home.

Canada Marjuana Seeds