Cannabis Nutrients for Healthy Plants

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The 3 Most Important Cannabis Nutrients Required For Growing Marijuana Successfully

Just like all living organisms, the cannabis plant has certain nutritional needs for a healthy grow.  “Dirt” isn’t just “dirt”.  More than any other factor-the quality of soil you plant your prized seeds in, will determine the growth rate and yield of your marijuana plant. And who doesn’t want a ton of great bud from their harvest? Here is an explanation of each cannabis nutrient that is crucial to growing marijuana successfully.

Cannabis Nutrients

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The Top 3 Essential Cannabis Nutrients: NPK 

When growing cannabis, there are 3 main important nutrients: nitrogen (N) phosphorus, and potassium (K). This unique combination of nutrients is also known as “NPK“. Different stages in a marijuana plant’s life will require specific levels of each nutrient. During the initial growth phase, your plants will flourish with high levels of Nitrogen. When the marijuana plant enters the flowering phase, it will require less nitrogen and more potassium. Read on for a quick summary of these 3 essential cannabis nutrients.

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Cannabis Nutrients: Nitrogen

The most important nutrient for any plant is Nitrogen. Nitrogen is crucial in the production of chlorophyll and amino acids, which are essential for the photosynthesis process. A marijuana plant with too little nitrogen is a starving plant. If your cannabis grows in soil that is deficient in nitrogen, you are going to grow underwhelming cannabis plants.


Cannabis Nutrients: Phosphorus

Phosphorus is the secondary marijuana nutrients required to grow great cannabis. Phosphorus encourages strong root development, which contributes to the overall health of the plant. A cannabis plant that is planted in soil with the correct amount of phosphorus will grow much faster and produce larger flowers. Marijuana plants deficient in phosphorus will grow undersized leaves due to  undeveloped roots. These plants will become discolored and produce lower yields.

Cannabis Nutrients: Potassium

The last important cannabis for growing great bud is Potassium. Potassium is essential for the plants metabolism. Potassium facilitates photosynthesis and assists in the production of essential amino acids and protein. Potassium also maintains a plants health during a drought. A marijuana plant deficient in potassium will have shriveled, dropping leaves and will produce loose, small bud. The total opposite of the type of bud every cannabis grower aspires to harvest.

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Cannabis Nutrients:  Minerals aka “Micro-Nutrients”:

Besides the PNK formula for a successful marijuana grow-there are other marijuana nutrients that are critical for producing healthy plants. These “micro” nutrients include zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium and manganese and are found in trace amounts (much like the human body). An ideal soil for growing weed will have all these nutrients in a specific ratio.


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