cannabis seeds Canada

cannabis seeds Canada

Buy the Best Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Cannabis growing is an exciting activity, which provides moments of pleasure during the process, and when consuming the product. For a successful crop, you must choose the right seeds.

If you are buying marijuana seeds in Canada, keep in mind that there are a variety of cannabis strains, and each has its characteristics and produces different effects. Besides, the type of seeds you choose will influence the growth process of your crop. It is essential that you know these differences, and that you know the top cannabis seeds in Canada offered by Farmer Labs Seeds.

What Seed Varieties Do We Have?

Each of these varieties depends on origin. The plants have different characteristics, and its effects are diverse:

  • Sativa: when you buy weed seeds in Canada online of this type, you will get plants with narrow leaves and long flowering cycles. This variety is energizing and highly stimulating. It is the one that produces the most significant high. Its buds are an excellent choice to use when you need energy and inspiration.
  • Indica: When you buy this variety from a top marijuana seed bank in Canada, you’re growing small, broad-leafed plants. Also, the flowering cycle is shorter than the Sativa. Indica marijuana is relaxing and has a soothing effect. It is ideal for spending long hours lying on the couch. The different strains of this variety are suitable for the relief of pain, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Hybrids: These strains are the product of the genetic management of the two original varieties. They contain a mixture of both, and their properties vary according to this combination. The best thing about hybrids is that they emphasize the best features of both Sativa and Indica, and minimize their weaknesses.
  • High CBD Medicinal: These strains contain high concentrations of Cannabidiol (CBD) and little THC. Thus, it provides the consumer with the extraordinary therapeutic properties of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. By buying this type of Canadian cannabis seeds for sale, you will be able to relieve ailments such as pain, depression, stress, and anxiety, among others.

What Type of Seeds Does Farmer Labs Seeds Offer?

There are different marijuana seeds concerning their cultivation, and the kind of harvest you will get. In our e-shop, you will find these options:

  • Regular: they are seeds in their natural form. They are dioecious, that is, you can get both female or male plants. These plants will be crossed with each other to create new specimens. The advantage of this type is that you can take advantage of them by obtaining new seeds to plant.
  • Feminized: this type of seeds guarantees the development of female plants. You will enjoy a high-quality product with extraordinary flavor and effects. They are 100% feminine, so that you will get buds from all your plants.
  • Autoflowering: also known as “automatic,” they bloom in less time and require less care than the others. They are not significantly affected by light cycles, so you get an excellent harvest everywhere. It’s an ideal choice for cannabis growing beginners.

Get the Premier Cannabis seeds in Canada

If you want to buy legal weed seeds in Canada, with the highest quality, and get a first-class crop, you are in the ideal place. Farmer Labs Seeds strives to provide you with the most extraordinary selection of seeds, tested one by one, that will guarantee you a spectacular harvest. Contact us to place your order or do it online. We’ l be happy to attend you.

cannabis seeds Canada