Cannabis Therapy Firm Looks To Treat Eating Disorder Patients

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One of the most famous side effects of using marijuana is getting “the munchies”—an uncontrollable desire to eat pretty much anything and everything in sight.  As a result, the medicinal cannabis industry has used marijuana as an appetite stimulate.

Because of that medical property, there was recently a patent filed by India Globalization Capital (IGC) to use cannabis-based medicines to treat eating disorders such as anorexia or cachexia.  They filed the patent after discovering a new form of therapy that mixes cannabinoids with other drugs that are FDA approved.

Ram Mukunda, IGC’s chief executive director, said in a statement:

“We believe that we can bring our cannabis-based pharmaceutical products to market in both an expeditious and cost-effective manner…securing FDA approval for combination therapies is generally much faster and less expensive than the process for new drug applications.”

Current therapies used to treat eating disorders have come with side-effects that IGC is hoping to avoid with the new cannabis-based treatments.

The process, of course, will involve many clinical trials and perfection to the process before it’s fully read to roll out to people suffering from these eating disorders.  But it could end up becoming a major contributor to fighting these life-threatening disorders.

IGC is heavily involved with using cannabis-based therapies, and the work they are doing exhibits just how wide the range of treatments cannabis is used for really is.  From epilepsy to pain relief to many other conditions, the natural plant is being considered a contender increasingly across the globe as an effective therapy option with few side effects.”

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