Colorado Cannabis Seed Banks

Colorado Cannabis Seed Banks

Colorado cannabis seed banks keep you supplied even when dispensaries are closed. Farmers Lab Seeds provides inexpensive and quality seeds for your growing supply through ideal quality assurance and seed programs.

What makes the best seed bank in Colorado?

Marijuana seed banks are among the best ways to acquire a cheap and renewable supply of relief. When purchasing seeds:

  • Look for a seed bank with a quality assurance process
  • Find a bank with a large category of plants
  • Find a bank that offers seeds for different skill levels
  • Find a seed bank that ships discreetly
  • Price shop for the best available price

Farmers Lab Seeds strives to be the ultimate seed bank in the state with a business model that focuses on all such traits. Our top of the line seeds go through a rigorous process to ensure they produce quality marijuana.

Do seed banks have quality assurance programs?

Not every seed bank prides itself on quality. Many merely act as intermediaries which can result in non-fully feminized plants and other undesirable situations.

At Farmers Lab Seeds, we comb through our inventory before we send packs. We even offer an extra seed for free in case we missed something.

Do online seed banks offer variety?

The best seed banks in Colorado offer variety you cannot find in any physical retail location. Combining centralization with low overhead allows online seed repositories the ability to give you exactly what you are looking for in any situation.

Our own catalog includes dozens of strains bred for any skill level. From feminized to auto-flowering and recreational to medicinal, we have you covered.

Which seeds should I use?

Our experts want your plants to flower. We recommend using our auto-flowering plants if you are new to growing. If looking to increase your yield beyond the 21 or more ounces plants such as our OG Kush produce, feminization may be important.

Some people are space constrained. Dwarf Lowryder is a small plant which grows, with proper support in the corner of your apartment.

Discreet Shipping

It is legal to ship seeds within and between states. There is no THC, the schedule one substance, in seeds which makes them legal.

However, you may want to avoid the consequences of neighborly snooping. We conceal our name on all packaging. Your seed pack may as well grow carrots.

Affordable seeds

Seed packs are affordable. We sell Afghani variants for as low as $45 per six seed pack, a strain that produces seeds. This is less than the cost of several ounces from your dispensary.

With 21 ounces coming from the typical plant when grown correctly, grow supplies are even covered in your savings. Whether or not you use a feminized strain, you save when growing your own marijuana from a US seed bank.

By marijuana seeds online in CO

Colorado cannabis seed banks offer flexibility and affordability. At Farmers Lab Seeds we strive to provide excellent quality seeds as well.

When you want to grow your own supply, visit our website for whichever strain you desire.