Colorado Town Gets All-New Drive-Thru Marijuana Shop

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CREDIT: Alex Zorn, Post Independent taken from The Denver Post

A little mountain town in Colorado just made a big breakthrough in the blooming marijuana industry: a drive-thru marijuana shop.

The drive-thru shop, called Tumbleweed Express, is thought to be the first of its kind in the state, giving marijuana users a quick and easy way to pick up some of their favorite strain of cannabis.  Its model was approved by The Parachute Board of Trustees last week.

Spokesman for the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division said:

“As far as I can tell, we are not aware of this business model ever coming up before.”

Tumbleweed Express will set up shop at an old former car wash where it hopes to open in March.  According to rules set by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, they will not be allowed to have anyone under 21 even in the back seat of a car that is picking up product.

Furthermore, the location will be equipped with plenty of security and surveillance.

Local officials are optimistic about the shop, such as Parachute Town Manager Stuart McArthur:

“We think the drive-through is a very creative and innovative idea…The really good news is that other businesses are benefitting from it.”

What he is talking about is everything from tourists to the tax revenue from shops selling marijuana.  The marijuana industry accounted for a whopping 30% of the sales tax revenue for the community – totaled at $1 million.

When travelers come through from other areas to pick up marijuana, they are likely to stop by other local shops and restaurants, bringing in revenue to business owners of all kinds.

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Mayor of the town, Roy McClung, said the town’s economy would be in serious trouble without the booming marijuana industry.  And now – that industry is taking on a new form for the community.”

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