Cowboy’s Owner Jerry Jones Calls On NFL To End Weed Ban

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Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones made a splash in both the sports and cannabis community this week when he advocated for the NFL to end their prohibition of marijuana use.

Since marijuana started becoming legalized for recreational and medical use in many states across the U.S., the NFL has been becoming more lenient about players using the drug.  However, rules still exist which could can a player for using marijuana after four failed drug tests.

In 2015, the NFL changed its policy to allow up to 35 nanograms per milliliter for a passing test—that was up from just 15 nanograms.  That’s not enough for Jones, however, who wants to see the policy removed entirely.

Jones was reminded quickly, however, that change isn’t likely to be coming anytime soon.  A measure to end the ban on marijuana would have to come through a renewed collective bargaining agreement, which is scheduled for 2020.

The National Football League’s Players’ Association is indeed expecting to ask for a more lenient marijuana policy, according to its Executive Director Demaurice Smith.  That call was made back in January.

However, the NFL Director Roger Goodell is less keen on the prospect, and his statements have suggested a more lenient policy would have to come with other negotiations.  In February, he publicly stated:

“We sent the union last spring, several pages or lists of issues that we wanted to address.  As the league and as ownership and I expect—and we put o that list drug policy as one of those issues—so we would love to engage, but I think what we’re seeing is a reason why we should all sit down and get at the table, begin negotiations so that if we want to reach a different policy on either the drug policy or any other matter, we can all begin that earlier and do it in a way that’s responsible.”

Still, it’s definitely an issue that’s on the table, so Jones and the many within the NFL that agree with him may win on this issue when all is said and done.”

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