Farmers Lab CBD

At Farmers Lab, we quality it’s primary mandate from sourcing local European true bred seeds-with fully certified home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/genetics-certified/genetics through to cultivation and extraction.

Hemp is in our history

From generations in experience in the cultivation of Hemp, we are able to choose strains that represent exacting formulations of CBD and cannabinoid ratios.

Our cultivation process starts with the germination of the carefully selected seeds in some of the worlds most fertile soil.  This soil is located in the generational hemp-growing regions of Slovenia and Croatia.

These farms are rooted in a keen awareness of ancient cultivation processes that facilitate the production of all natural raw hemp that is guaranteed to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals. 

Harvesting and Extraction:  Its Science and an Art

Our Harvesting process focuses on the meticulous methodology of maximizing essential fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  These critical compounds are preserved through the entire process including:

  • Harvesting with hand selection separating the flower from the stalk and selecting the only premium
  • Harvesting on specific days of the week for optimal conditions
  • Locking in potency by curing hemp at a temperature maintained below 35 C
  • Trichome crystals where terpenes and cannabinoids exist-are persevered through specially designed machines.
  • Three authentic European hemp varieties of dried material are then pressed into pellets-saturated and rich in active cannabinoids.
  • Finally, leading edge CO2 plant extraction techniques are used to capture the CBD. CO2 extraction is free of solvent residue and toxins and using high pressure and low temperatures to protect and preserve the beneficial molecules. This is the most sophisticated and method of extraction in the industry today.

Disclaimer: Cannabis Seeds: Our seeds are sold as novelty items and souvenirs. They contain 0% THC. We encourage our customers to check the legislation in their Country, State / Province, and Municipality prior to purchasing items from this store. In the US, we do not ship to Kansas or Kentucky 

WAAVE Compliance