First Nations Aim To Capitalize On Canada’s Legal Weed

mohawk council of kahnawake

Canada is moving fast towards legalization of recreational marijuana, a move that would make their nation one of the first in the world.  There’s one group of people that are ready to cash in on the economic opportunity as soon as they’re given the legal go ahead: the people of the First Nations.

Allan Adam, chief of Athabasca Chipwyan First Nation, spoke of how the opening cannabis industry could be such an important resource for First Nation people across Canada:

“It means economic opportunities for First Nations people…and so many First Nations across this country are in such dire straits.”

Adam says members of his community have already taken steps to invest in a company that is already active in the medical marijuana industry.  This, he says, will give First Nations people a foot in the door to start profiting from the industry.

He isn’t the only leader in the First Nations community that is advocating investment in the marijuana industry.  Former Head of the Assembly of First Nations, Phil Fontaine, recently started the medical marijuana company Indigenous Roots. Speaking of his venture, Fontaine told CBC News in December, 2016:

“Our primary interest here, of course, is business opportunities, job creation.  It’s about the Indigenous economy, job opportunities, and it’s about training.”

This is certainly a great opportunity for a segment of the Canadian population who have been barred  from too many economic opportunities in Canada, for various reasons.  With the opening up of the legal recreational market will certainly come countless job and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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It’s excellent to see a tight-knit community within the the nation who are definitely in need of opportunities to be moving so quickly to take advantage of the situation.  God speed to the First Nation community and its leaders as they help fill out the blossoming Canadian marijuana industry!

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