Every strain sold by Farmers Lab goes through a genetic certification process.

What does this mean and why does this matter to you?

The two largest risks of buying seeds are

  1. the seeds you get are not the specific strain phenotype you want
  2. the strain itself is suffering from being “over bred”.

Farmers Labs genetics certification is a two-stage process that ensures the genetic authenticity of the phenotype as well as the genetic diversity of the parents from which it is derived.

How do we do this?

First off-

The seeds we buy in bulk from the worlds top breeders are the offspring of True Bred Strains. A True Bred strain is one that will produce consistent offspring of the dominant phenotype expression characterized by that strain.


We lab test every batch of seeds we acquire to ensure the avoidance of inbreeding depression. Inbreeding depression occurs when generations of breeding the same ancestral phenotype lead to the deficiency in genetic material.  This becomes detrimental to the overall health and sustainability of the strain and is expressed by weak, poorly flowering plants. Farmers Labs top breeders outbreed their strains for improved genetic diversity to maintain the vitality of the seed offspring.

Farmers Lab goes this extra mile to ensure that your expectations are met every time.