Farmers Lab believes that Value is represented in three distinct ways

1. The quality of your product

2. The service that supports your product

3. The intrinsic trust that customers feel when buying your product.

At Farmers Lab we are a premium seed provider. We know if you look hard enough, you will find companies that sell seeds cheaper on the internet.

However when it comes to assessing value, you need to consider the ENTIRE cost of ownership.

We bring value to our customers by doing everything within our power to insure their expectations are met:

1. We only buy from the worlds most reputable top breeders

2. We examine each seed individually to insure its capacity for germination

3. We protect your investment by blister packaging individually all our seeds

4. We offer free seeds with every purchase

5. We offer some of the lowest shipping costs in the industry

6. We offer free global shipping with every purchase over $100.

7. We have multiple payment options to best suit our customers needs

8. We ship anywhere in the world where our customers may reside

9. If there is a question or concern, a real person is available to speak to by phone or email.

10. We refund any purchase where our customers are not 100% satisfied

Add it up and we believe Farmers Lab has the most value for every seed you purchase every time.

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