Here’s Something New: ‘Weed Nuns’?

If there’s one thing you can say about cannabis culture, it’s that it attracts some very interesting characters.  A few of those such characters are found near the Central Valley of California, and they call themselves “Sisters of the Valley“.

Also known as “weed nuns”, this group of women have created a business centered around their belief in the healing qualities of marijuana.  Despite their appearance resembling that of Catholic nuns, the Sisters are very public about the fact that they are not affiliated with the Catholic Church.

Sister Kate, founder of the Sisterhood, explained:

“We’re against religion, so we’re not a religion.  We consider ourselves Beguine revivalists, and we reach back to pre-Christian practices.”

Sister Kate first started with the nun look during an Occupy Wallstreet protest in 2011 when she dressed as a nun and was then known as “Sister Occupy”.

The Sisters of the Valley are specifically focused on hemp, which is a low-THC strain of marijuana.  They use the hemp to create balms, ointments and other products which they believe provide great health benefits to their customers.

They are also passionate about empowering women, and they use their business to help in that endeavor:

“A sister becomes a sister through a commercial relationship and earning a wage or commission, and we want to grow this way because we want to free the women, we don’t want to make them more dependent.”

The Sisters have been quite successful, bringing in $750,000 in 2016.  They’re now expanding their distribution to Canada, where they hope to open a new operation soon.  Clearly, they’re quite the group of cannabis industry pioneers!”

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