High Cbd Seeds

High Cbd Seeds

Anyone looking to buy high CBD seeds will find Farmer’s Lab the best place to turn. CBD marijuana seeds contain high CBD levels, but these seeds do not typically produce THC. THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis that produces the notorious euphoric feelings and effects.

There are a few strains of cannabis out there that contain high levels of both THC and CBD. The CBD seeds for sale at Farmer’s Lab are known to produce cannabis plants with moderate CBD levels, but there are strains with moderate THC levels.

Online shoppers who buy CBD seeds online from Farmer’s Lab will find a variety of strains to choose from. For example, Painkiller is a popular CBD strain that also contains THC levels of up to ten percent. Painkiller was created using the best characteristics from the most popular strains in the world, like White Russian. The sweet aroma of this indica dominant hybrid will invigorate your sense and tease your taste buds.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds Online

Not all marijuana seeds in Canada contain quality levels of CBD, which is an important factor to keep in mind. At Farmer’s Lab, multiple strains of cannabis seeds with high CBD levels are available at fair and reasonable prices. Seed packet sizes come in six count, twelve count, and eighteen count varieties.

High CBD Remedy strain is another strain of cannabis found at Farmer’s Lab that contains a well-rounded blend of superior traits. Remedy is an indica dominant hybrid that is feminized and easy to grow. Growers can expect a flowering time of eight weeks when using these seeds. The sweet flavor of Remedy and the high yield make it a very popular option among first time growers. This strain contains roughly eight percent CBD and six percent THC.

Review of Farmer’s Web Cannabis Strain

Farmer’s Web is a strain of cannabis that contains powerful levels of CBD cannabidiols that tested at a twenty to one CBD and THC ratio. This hybrid strain was produced by creating Sour Diesel with ACDC Cone, but it can be grown indoors and outdoors. The CBD levels of Farmer’s Web range from fifteen to twenty percent, but less than one percent THC is found in this strain.

Users will not feel any euphoric effects when consuming flower from the Farmer’s Web strain of marijuana. It is an easy to grow strain that produces a high yield, and it provides a lemon taste that contains the essence of mint. The intense CBD concentration in this strain makes it a prime choice for those seeking CBD dominant cannabis strains.

Place All Orders Right Away

Shoppers are urged not to delay in purchasing superior CBD seeds and products from Farmer’s Lab. Consumers can visit the website to directly place an order for medicinal cannabis and CBD products. Plus, clients also can call the Farmer’s Lab customer service team by dialing 1-844-814-3013. The sooner you place your order with our team, the sooner you can expect to have premium items shipped right to your door.