When embarking upon your growing journey, it is important to keep a few things in mind to make certain you grow healthy plants with strong genetics. When selecting seeds, opt for local or reputable sources, so you can get a hardy plant, tailored for your individual climate. Getting the right seeds will ensure things like resistance to disease and pests, desired potency and aroma, and optimal growth.

Cannabis can be classified into two major types: Indica and Sativa. Indica plants, which give a weighty, body high, flourish in indoor settings and can be identified by their broad, rounded leaves. Sativa plants, which boast an airy, cerebral high, require much more light, making them challenging to grow indoors. Sativa plants can be easily identified by their slender, finger-like leaves. Additionally, there are strains which are Indica-Sativa hybrid. As the name suggests, hybrid strains look and feel like a combination of both Indica and Sativa. Once you know what to look for, distinguishing between strains can be done simply by observing the leaves.

As a beginner, the best place to start your growing journey is with a hybrid plant. Hybrids will flourish both indoors and outdoors, as they do not require as much light as a Sativa plant and will typically mature faster, a quality gleaned from the Indica plant.

When selecting seeds for planting, only use ones that appear dark brown or grey. Fine, dark lines set into the seed are normal, but avoid using seeds that are very small and white. This indicates that the seed is immature, and will yield an unhealthy plant, if they germinate at all.