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Smoke Pot?  Like Wearing an Ear Piece?  Join the Secret Service!

Three Cheers for the Secret Sevice!: It is no secret(!) that the Secret Service is no place for marijuana users. In the past, if you used marijuana more than a certain number of times, you wouldn’t be able to become an agent. But now the game has changed.

The Secret Service is currently facing a manpower crunch. Between the threat of terrorism and the challenge of protecting the Trump family, the agency has realized it needs to hire more. In a statement to the press, Director Randolph Alles said: “We need more people. The mission has changed.” Alles is looking to increase Secret Service numbers to over 7,600 employees by 2019. As part of that move, the Secret Service has relaxed its anti-marijuana policy.
Now hold your horses! You still can’t light a bowl and go apply to protect the President. The Secret Service website explicitly states that if you have “used marijuana at all within the last three years” then they are not looking to hire you. (source: secretservice) As much as that sucks, it is what it is.

Still, Alles’ announcement is good news. A lot of pot users who want to join the Secret Service can now hope to apply and get in. So remember: as long as you have been “clean” for three years, the Secret Service will now cut you some slack. Cheers to the Secret Service on this!
(By the way: don’t expect to lie your way in. The Secret Service does extensive background checks on you to make sure you’re the right fit for them. Think polygraph tests, checks on your criminal record, credit history, college grades etc. Hey, no one said it would be easy!)
Source: Source: CNN

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Smoke Pot In California?  Well, we got some good news and some…

You have heard the term ‘sanctuary state’ thrown around in the news. For those not in the know, sanctuary states (or cities) protect undocumented immigrants by not complying with federal authorities in their prosecution or capture. (This applies, especially for state law enforcement.) California has made moves to become a sanctuary state against Trump’s deportation policies. Now it is looking to do the same thing in the battle over marijuana.
This Thursday, the Golden State passed bill AB 1578.

The bill prohibits local law enforcement from assisting federal authorities in investigating people or groups using marijuana. (Of course, you still have to follow Cali state laws on pot possession.) AB 1578, a brainchild of Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, has passed state Assembly and is now on its way to the California Senate. The bill isn’t too popular with local law enforcement as well as state Republicans. So there is a good chance the bill may not come into effect.

Jones-Sawyer has argued that his bill was necessary for light of the Trump administration’s strong anti-marijuana stance. We agree with him. You may have read of Trump pick Jeff Sessions’ classy opinions on marijuana (“Good people don’t smoke marijuana.”). Given that, AB 1578 definitely sounds like good news for Cali pot users!
(Source: LA Timesl)
Now for the bad news. So the cops in California won’t bother you if you use pot. What about employers? Could your boss fire you for pot use? The sad answer is yes they can. Proposition 64 gives free rein to “public and private employers to enact and enforce workplace policies pertaining to marijuana.” That means that if an employer wants a drug-free workplace, they can give you the boot for marijuana use.

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Even if you consume pot for medicinal purposes or when off work, you can be fired if your drug test comes positive. So California workers: make sure your employer is okay with marijuana use. If you feel you have been unjustly fired, here’s our suggestion–tweet about it. A social media backlash may keep overzealous employers in line (even if the law doesn’t).
(Source: Sacbee)

No Green Thumb?  Don’t Plant Marijuana Seeds,, Eat Em!!!
Our friends at the Fresh Toast wrote an excellent post on the health benefits of cannabis seeds. We at Farmer’s Lab are nodding our heads at what they are saying. Need a plant-based protein source full of healthy fats and minerals? Cannabis seeds are your friend.

What about something to deal with anxiety, depression or insomnia? Cannabis seeds again! Do seeds help with digestion? Yep! (Check out all that fiber!) What about a healthy heart or healthy skin? You can’t be serious–yes, cannabis seeds will also help you with that!

Look, don’t believe us on this. Go check out The Fresh Toast post (sorry we like how that rhymes). Read it and then believe it: cannabis seeds are a natural “wonder drug”! (Which we just so happen to sell!)
Source: The Fresh Toast

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