On 4/20/17, Legal Marijuana Sales Jumped 20%

CREDIT: The Joint Blog

Every good cannabis-enthusiast is familiar with April 20th as National Weed Day.  It’s a day when demand for marijuana is at an all time high, and the numbers for this year’s holiday prove it.

MJ Freeway is a service provider for seed-to-sale tracking, and they estimated that cannabis retails for April 20th, 2017 hit $45 million, representing a 20% increase in total retail sales.  It also brought in about a 10% increase in consumer traffic.

Jessica Billingsley, the Co-founder of MJ Freeway, explained:

“With the increase in widespread acceptance of cannabis, we anticipated a large jump in US sales for the holiday.  4/20 is an excellent opportunity for adults to purchase and consume products in a responsible, regulated market, while learning about the culture and history of the industry.”

MJ Freeway was pretty spot on with what they predicted.  They estimated the holiday would bring in about a 10% increase in their order count compared with weekly averages, and that number was 13%.  They also expected to see about a $6 increase per transaction on average, and they found a $10 increase.

All of this is just to show the growing enthusiasm for the marijuana industry in the United States, and that the holiday is giving people who might now always stop by the dispensary a reason to shop.

The next day that brings in the cash for the marijuana industry is July 4th, followed fairly closely by New Year’s Eve.

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