There was a time not too long ago that cannabis Sativa, popularly known as marijuana, was frowned upon by the society, and was highly illegal. However, in the recent past, it has not only gained popularity and acceptance amongst the society, it has also been legalized in many parts of the world. Though the use and legalization are on the rise, there is still a lot to be done especially to have it recognized as a recreational drug as compared the current dominant medicated and limited drug.  Live Resin is one of the marijuana concentrates that is illegal in many places in the United States and rest of the world.

When it comes to marijuana, people are always coming up with new extracts and even more ways of taking it. One of the most recent, the subject of the article, is a form of shatter or Butane Hash-Oil (BHO), called live resin. Below, we are going to look more at this concentrate and how it’s similar and/or different to other extracts.

What is Live Resin?

Generally, it is a concentrate, like wax or shatters, but it has higher terpenes than most marijuana material. You’re probably curious what terpenes are, terpenes are the oils secreted by a fresh cannabis plant.

Live resin is extracted from fresh and frozen marijuana plants, which is where the name live’ is derived from. The key difference of live resin from many other extracts is most of them can be extracted from dry cannabis while live resin can’t. Extracting live resin from fresh cannabis lead to better flavors and aromas, and better medicinal values.

How to make Live Resin

To start off on a low note, it should be noted that it cannot be made at home as it required specialized equipment and know-how in order to get it right. Until a DIY kit is made, you’ll just have to leave it to the professionals. That, however, shouldn’t discourage you, as you still get to know the process.

First Step

Live resin extraction begins as soon as the plant is cut as the cannabis plant begins to lose terpenes soon after cutting it from its growing medium. As a matter of fact, a number of terpenes lost in a normally dried or cured marijuana can be as much as 60%, which is immensely a lot. To curb terpene loss, the cannabis plant is usually frozen which significantly reduces the number of terpenes lost as expected.

Second Step

Since the frozen cannabis now has a higher water content than dried or cured marijuana, the live resin extraction process has to be done in low temperatures of below zero. As we had earlier seen, it is a form of BHO, and since BHO is soluble in water at normal temperatures, pure butane can be extracted leaving possibly harmful butane as well as other toxins mixed with the oil. Once the whole procedure is done, you’re left with pure and cleaner live resin as well.

Is Live Resin similar to other concentrates?

Live resin is produced pretty much in the same way other concentrates like wax or shatter are. Like live resin, the majority of the extracted solvent is usually a form of BHO. Other solvents possibly extracted include, Carbon dioxide, Chloroform and Isopropyl alcohol.

Live resin is also similar to other concentrates in having a trace of liquid marijuana (THC). The only difference is the amount found in other concentrates vary from that of live resin. For instance, the amount of THC found in dried or cured marijuana is around a quarter of total marijuana, while the amount of THC found in the live resin is anywhere between 80 to 90%.

Differences of live resin from another marijuana concentrate

One of the key differences in the differential terpene levels in live resin. Though ultimately other concentrates consist of terpene, the difference is something to note. Live resin can have as much as five times more terpene than other concentrates. Though it may not sound like there’s much of a difference, once you’ve tasted live resin and compared it to other concentrates, you’ll notice the huge difference.
Many consumers have gone ahead to describe the difference as that of eating a fresh fruit and eating a dried fruit. Yes, that much.

Is the price worth it?

If you have tried purchasing live resin, you’ve definitely realized it’s more expensive than other cannabis concentrates, but is it really worth to pay extra? Well, that all depends on you. But as far as facts go, yes. It’s worth the extra cost.


Though the production gives you lesser amount than conventional extraction methods –dried or cured, it is also important to note that live resin gives you a more comprehensive and original chemical combination that is closer to what the plant originally offers. This original chemical combo that so much resembles the plants offering usually combines with other marijuana compounds to give you a new experience, especially the first time you try it. There is no way to explain this new experience, the only way you can experience it is to try the live resin. Just keep in mind that what you’re taking doesn’t consist of a higher level of THC or CBD, it just means you’re having fresher weed, which is totally worth it.

live resinSince the levels marijuana acceptance is on the rise around the globe, maybe research will have a way where you have a live resin that not only has high levels of terpene, but also high levels of THC and CBD. This will undoubtedly be both your money and your time. And who knows, maybe they will even have a do it yourself made and you can finally have your own live resin made at the comfort of your house. But as for now, you will just have to rely on the trusted distributor near you.


If you live in a place where marijuana is yet to be legalized, you can take a trip to one of the many places it has been –especially for recreational purposes- and give live resin a try, you could also try dried and cured marijuana, and if you’re feeling lucky, even try a few edibles. Not all at once hopefully, you don’t want to give your body the shock of its life.


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