So What Made The Number 420 Code For Marijuana?

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As most of us probably know, April 20th, or 4/20, is “Weed Day”, thanks to the date corresponding to the number 420 which is widely associated with marijuana.

It’s pretty common knowledge among cannabis enthusiasts, but what not as many people know is exactly how that day became 4/20 in the first place.  To be honest, no one is really, absolutely sure about it.  But we do have a pretty good theory.

The curator of the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum, Chris Conrad, says he has the answer to our mystery, and it all started in Oakland, California.  He says a group of high school kids known as the “Waldos” coined the term, and the idea just spread.

Supposedly, the kids went to San Rafael High School, and they had a steady tradition of getting together after school to smoke marijuana.  As you might guess, they often met up a 4:20 – a perfect time since most of their parents weren’t yet home, but they were out of school.

As the story goes, the code evolved from there.  The kids used the term 420 to discuss smoking in front of their parents without them knowing what they were up to.  Some rumors say a group of Grateful Dead followers ended up picking up on the 420 idea, and spread it to the high status we know it to be today.

Is it true?  We’re not sure, and it might just be those kids, now grown, who would be left to back up the story.  But in any case, we think it’s a pretty neat legend.”

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