Marijuana Seeds Canada

Marijuana Seeds Canada

Marijuana seeds in Canada give you access to legendary and established lines from the comfort of your own home or property. Farmers Lab Seeds put in place a strict quality assurance program to guarantee a steady supply of quality marijuana. We also want our customers to understand how to grow our products.

Can I legally grow marijuana seeds in Canada?

It is entirely possible to grow plants in Canada. However, there are strict guidelines for doing so based on the type of use and geographic location.

Nationally, the government requires registration to grow and limit the amount you may grow. While growing your own is cheap, you may only be able to supplement your current supply when using foreign or Canadian seed banks.

How much marijuana can I grow in Canada?

Medical users are less restricted than their recreational counterparts. The government provides a calculator for choosing the maximum amount. You may only possess 150 grams but can grow much more.

Recreational users may grow up to four plants. For medical users, the total is much higher and those with a growers license are nearly unconstrained.

How not to get rejected when applying for a grower’s license

Growers need licenses and this requires filling out the appropriate paperwork. Failure to comply will result in a rejection.

Meet with your healthcare provider and obtain a medical card for the ultimate pain relief. Medical authorization means you do not have a cannabis-related offense on your record as well.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds online in Canada?

Cannabis seed are available to everyone. This does not mean that you can grow the plant but that you can obtain the seeds to do so.

There is no THC in seeds which means they do not fall under any laws regulating their transportation within the country. You can buy your favorite Canadian weed strains from online retailers and have them sent to you through the mail.

Marijuana seeds for sale online in Canada

Online seed banks offer legal variety for users looking for any type of high. Whether you target pain relief, anxiety, or general stress reduction and relaxation, we supply with dozens of strains.

Choose from some of the best cannabis seeds to grow in Canada. Farmers Lab Seeds offers Blue Dream, OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Grapefruit, Girl Scout Cookies, and more without the need to travel to an entirely different province or even leave your own home.

Buying marijuana seeds in Canada

Buying marijuana seeds in Canada is entirely legal and growing is more affordable than traveling to the dispensary on a regular basis. Each plant may produce 21 ounces or more of high-quality pot.

Still, you need to know the regulations before you decide to buy them. National regulations require registration and approval and limit the amount you may grow. Use the national calculator to determine your amount.

Farmers Lab Seeds strives to place some of the best Canadian weed strains within your reach. Visit our website for more information and to browse our extensive catalog today.

Marijuana Seeds Canada