Names Of Marijuana

The Marijuana Dictionary directory of names of marijuana strains is enormous. The numbers increase with every new crop produced around the world. The different marijuana names are very creative. Most names describe the genetics and effects of the pot.

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Names of Marijuana Recent Additions

Lebron James Head Band – YUNGChooChoo
Jungle Boogey
Herban Underground
Red Berry Hash – Red Berry hash, has a strong buzz and the effects are head and body buzz for hours. Grows easy but make sure you trim bud leaf better than usual so it won’t mold during cure. You’ll always get couple seeds from each plant and they’ll always be female, so nice bonus as far as I’m concerned. – courtesy of Natureboy1210
Gorilla Glue
Sour Early Girl
Bloody Kush
Khalifa Kush
Bogalusa Power Plant
Purple Cross – georgegouvas2
Warda Reek’n Kinda Love – Warda Reek’n Kinda Love gives you a more frontal lobe kinda high. 80% Indica 20% Sativa – courtesy of thathighgirl
Ohio Marijuana Strain – courtesy of
Alien Asshat
Forbidden – The strain “Forbidden” centers one’s balance between head and body in the forbidden zone. – courtesy of ujestdogbiter
Panama Blue City
Pink Panther
Connect Four – courtesy of Racque
Glad Max – courtesy of Racque
9 Pound Hammer
Skunk Shot – courtesy of Bambi
Purple Trainwreck
Blue Lighting Kush
Colorado String Cheese
Kanga Kush
Choo Choo
Special Queen
Fuera Kush
Bizquet Kush
Sweet Demons
Cold Creek Kush
After School Special

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