New Nail Trend Uses Real Marijuana To Create Look

great_nails_bastrop/Instagram from

A brand new nail trend is popping up all over beauty-enthusiast’s feeds these days, and it might not even be legal (in some states).  It’s marijuana-themed nail art, and yes it does use real marijuana leaves to complete the look.

To make it work, a nail artist will crumble some marijuana leaves and use a tweezer to move specks of the marijuana strategically on the nail.  Then, with a top coat, the leaves can be locked into place and the look can be complete.  The result is a beautiful nail that shows off the green, along with perhaps a few solid colors on other nails to balance the look.

We know, if you’re a marijuana-enthusiast, you might be thinking that this is a huge waste of weed.  But don’t worry, it really just takes the tiniest little bit to make the look work, and it’s totally worth it.

Of course, if you don’t live in one of the states in which marijuana is recreationally legal, it’s probably not a good idea to go down to your manicure spot and ask the beauty expert to dose you up with a set of weed nails.  But in the states where you can go down yourself and purchase a joint with no card required, then you’re in business.

If you want some inspiration, the trend is really taking root on social media.  Simply take a look at Instagram’s #WeedNails hashtag and check out what other people are doing with the look.  Even if you can’t get it done yourself, it’s still a lot of fun to marvel at how good marijuana leaves look with glitter, green and gold nail polish.

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