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Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Are you a beginner grower looking to get your first harvest? Perhaps you have some experience and just want to harvest more weed each year. Fast version cannabis seeds might be the best choice for you. 

These seeds are intended for growers who have a limited amount of time to harvest a crop or who live in harsh environments. First arriving in 2013, these specialty seeds have improved in both quality and yield. Now they offer an abundance of quality buds within a much shorter time frame.

Growing your own fast flower seeds is widely considered quick and painless while offering novice growers a chance to improve their cultivation skills. 

If you’re looking for great quality, easy growing, and fast growing cannabis seeds, Farmers Lab Seeds has a lineup of the best genetics that finish quickly and produce top-shelf buds. Order from our seed banks and get free delivery as well as free seeds to ensure your garden gets off to a great start. 

What Are Fast Growing Weed Seeds?

Many people confuse fast growing cannabis seeds with autoflowering strains. While autoflowering strains can be part of the equation for breeding purposes, these plants are much different. 

Fast cannabis seeds are usually bred between photoperiod weed and autoflower strains. The end result is a plant that can produce flowers very quickly but is still reliant on the photoperiod for transition signaling.

Just like regular photoperiod cannabis, a 12/12 light cycle will trigger your fast version seeds into the flowering cycle where they usually mature within 8 weeks. 

Check Out the Differences Between the Main Types of Cannabis Seeds

There are many differences between each of the seed types, with advantages for each. Check out the main types of cannabis seeds and how long they will take to finish, both indoors and outdoors. 

Seed Type Difficulty Feminized Photoperiod Flowering Time Yield Size 
Fast Version Easy Yes Yes 7 Weeks Medium
Feminized Advanced Yes Yes 8-10 Weeks High
Regular Medium No Yes 8-10 Weeks Medium
Autoflower Easy Can Be No 6-8 Weeks Low

Why Choose Cannabis Fast Version Seeds?

The most common reason people get fast flowering cannabis seeds is that they want to harvest their plants faster than they would with traditional weed. You’d be surprised at the additional benefits this fast version will get you, including: 

Saves you from the dreaded bud rot. If your climate is too moist or your flowers haven’t dried out properly then mold can form inside the bud and start to rot it from the inside out. Fast version seeds grow quickly so any mold doesn’t have time to form while you’re growing your plant. 

Costs are lower. Since these fast version seeds flower much sooner than traditional forms of cannabis, you will end up using a lot less electricity with your lights, heating/cooling, and timers. 

Good potency and harvests in less time. Just because your plants finish flowering faster doesn’t mean that they lack THC potency. These buds will still turn out massive and strong, they just don’t have as many of them.  

They can be grown in small spaces. When growing fast flowering weed seeds, you can expect short plants, which is ideal for small grow spaces. Since they sprout limited flower sites you can always implement some LST (low-stress training) techniques such as SoG (Sea of Green) to increase the potential yield for your plants.  

Can thrive in unstable weather conditions. Severe heat or excessive rain can put a halt on cannabis plant production. Fast flower seeds grow quickly so they are less susceptible to the withering effects that advice climates can have. Additionally, they are also resistant to pests such as insects looking to take a bite out of your plant.  

Great for beginner growers. Novice growers will already have so much on their plate, managing a cannabis plant from seed to harvest. Fast growing cannabis seeds simplify the process by producing hardy plants that are finished quicker than most problems can take to turn south.  It also enables the grower to get comfortable with the fast version seeds before moving on to other types. 

Top 5 Fast Version Seeds

Farmers Lab Seeds carries the best fast version seeds on the market and here are our top 5 picks for strains you need to check out.

AK 47 SEED-FAST FLOWER. These Sativa-dominant hybrids are fast cannabis seeds to grow and will flower within 6 weeks, providing you with a decent harvest of about 300 grams/m2. The THC potency is 20%, and you can expect to feel sensations of euphoria and relaxation without being comatose on your couch, perfect for getting home from work or starting your day.  

BLACK DOMINA FAST FLOWER SEEDS. This Indica deep indica strain is a result of breeding Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash plant, and Aghani into one super sedator. These fast weed seeds will finish within 8 weeks and get you up to 400 grams/m2. The THC potency sits at 22%, and you’ll get notes of earth and sweet grapes while feeling relaxed and happy. 

BRUCE BANNER #3 FAST FLOWER FEMINIZED. Known for its high THC content, this world-class strain is a mix of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Expect these fast version seeds to finish within 9 weeks and give you 600 grams/m2. You’ll enjoy a 24% THC level with moderate creative and euphoric effects. Another strain that you’ll want to mingle with after a long day at work.

CHEMDAWG FAST FLOWER FEMINIZED SEEDS. Chemdawg is a balanced hybrid that is well known for the strong aroma it provides. 

This strain is shrouded in mystery because its parents, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, are both famous. Fast version seeds will be ready to harvest within 9 weeks with up to 550 grams/m2. Great for medicinal consumers, this strain will hit you with 19% THC and hints of diesel gas.   

FAST FLOWER AMNESIA . A fast version of a seed that is typically known as a Sativa dominant hybrid that originates from Asia. This plant will flower out within 7 weeks, netting you 600 grams/m2, which is a substantial haul for a fast flowering strain. You’ll find the THC moderately high at 20%, with the fast version giving you Sativa-like highs with cerebral feelings of euphoria and creative energy. 

How to Germinate Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

Germinating your fast cannabis seeds is the same process as for regular seeds. If you’re new to weed growing, here are the tools that you’ll need to germinate fast growing marijuana seeds:

  • Paper towels
  • Tweezers
  • A bowl of water
  • Two plates
  • Fast growing weed seeds   

There are multiple ways to germinate your seeds but this method is the simplest and most efficient way to germinate multiple seeds at once. The steps are simple, and as long as you follow this guide, you should have no issue germinating your seeds. 


  1. Moisten the paper towels, not too wet that they’re soggy but wet enough that the water can permeate the seed shell.
  2. Put one of the paper towels on the plate and set the seeds onto the towel using the tweezers
  3. Cover your fast cannabis seeds with the other sheet of damp paper towel. Add a little more water to ensure enough has penetrated the towel. Try not to form any puddles. Check for any excess water underneath the seeds. 
  4. Your fast growing cannabis seeds will need a dark and warm place to coax the small taproot out of it.
  5. You should see the small white taproot within 1-4 days and that is your signal to transplant it into a new pot.  

Is It Easy To Grow Fast Version Seeds?

Growing fast version seeds has never been so easy. A combination of stable genetics and durable strains makes it easy to grow both inside and out. 

The first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to grow your fast marijuana strain. These cannabis seeds can grow in smaller spaces since they are quick to flower which makes them ideal for growing in tents or small plant rooms. 

Luckily, the growing guidelines are the same for regular, feminized, or fast flowering seeds so you won’t need to learn any additional tricks. Provide your plants with proper lighting, ample nutrition, and plenty of water, and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of dense buds. 

Light Cycles

You’ll want to stick with a 16/8 photoperiod for your vegetating strains, this means 16 hours of daylight and 8 hours of darkness. Once you want to change it over to flowering, just switch up the light cycle and do an even 12/12 photoperiod. 


Various nutrients are required throughout the life of your weed plants. In the vegetative stage, it is wise to provide apple nitrogen and phosphorus so your weed develops a strong root and leaf foundation. As it transitions into flowering, providing enough potassium ensures strong flower production.    

Temperature and Humidity 

The easiest way is to think about the different conditions that your cannabis plant will experience outdoors and apply them to your indoor grow. The temperature of your environment should always stay within the range of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Using high humidity and warm air will get your seedlings to wake up without any stress. 

Here are some guidelines for optimal humidity settings in the various stages:

Seedling: 65-75% relative humidity

Vegetative: 50-70% relative humidity

Flowering: 40-50% relative humidity

The idea is that earlier in the weed plant life you want higher humidity and temperature and as the flowering stage comes to a close you want less humidity to avoid bud rot.

Facts About Fast Version Marijuana Plants

These fast strains are a fascinating scientific marvel created by talented breeders. They hold so much potential with proper seed production. Here are some facts about this unique type of cannabis that you can grow at home. 

Fast version seeds have Ruderalis genes. They contain the same genetics that enable autoflowering strains to flower without a light cycle; However, they still retain their photoperiod qualities seen in regular and feminized seeds.  

Fast strains can flower in a very short time. Some of the quickest fast version seeds can start to flower within 6 weeks of germination. This is on par with autoflowers as they can start in as little as 5 weeks. They still require a photoperiod change, which is 12/12.

Fast growing cannabis seeds are generally feminized. Due to specialized breeding techniques, creating stable genetics also means that these fast version seeds will almost always sprout as a female, providing beautiful buds without the possibility of seeds in your crop. 


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