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Planning to grow cannabis indoors? Then, we have a vast array of indoor weed seeds that you can explore and choose from. At Farmers Lab Seeds, you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to weed seeds for indoor growing.

Indica cannabis seeds are popular among weed growers and enthusiasts worldwide owing to their healing and calming properties. At our online seed bank, we’ve handpicked the best indoor strains with higher levels of CBD to ensure maximum satisfaction.

And the best part is that these high-yielding strains for sale are quite easy to grow and harvest in all climates.

Buy Indoor Growing Seeds

The practice of growing marijuana started outdoors traditionally in the ancient era. But, gradually, it shifted to indoor planting due to various reasons such as social and legal obligations and an unfriendly climate. If you choose the indoor marijuana seeds from our vigorous selection, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of premium quality pots.

The Basics of Indoor Cannabis Seeds and Growing

Though it may seem overwhelming to grow weed seeds indoor, the growing process isn’t that challenging. All you need to ensure is a grow room, proper lighting, ventilation, soil, and fertilizers. However, the startup budget and amount of labor will be higher than growing outdoors.

Grow Room

A bit of space will be sufficient for growing indoor marijuana but it may still depend on the indoor weed strain. Also, you need to invest in electrical and water supply to set the environment.

Lighting and Ventilation

Both LED and HiD lights are ideal for growing indoor strains. To keep the temperature well moistured, inline fans are a great option.

Soil and Fertilizers

If you want to enhance the flavor of your indoor marijuana seeds, first you need to plant in good-quality soil. Also, adding supplements will accelerate the growth further.

Why Grow Indoors?

If you grow marijuana indoors, you won’t have to worry about climate issues or weather conditions. Instead, you’ll be able to protect your plants and grow them all year round. Also, your plants will be protected from harmful pests and animals.

One of the major issues for outdoor growers is the social obligations of the neighborhood. To avoid it, the best thing will be to plant indoors. But, make sure that cannabis growing is legal in your state.

The Advantages of Growing Indoors

There are plenty of benefits to growing cannabis indoors than outdoors. Here are some of the advantages listed:

  • The cultivation environment will be completely under your control.
  • You’ll be able to save your plants from those curious neighbors.
  • Weather extremes won’t be able to damage your cannabis at all.
  • You’ll be able to perfectly organize all your growing equipment.
  • As you can control the environment, the seeds can be cultivated year-long.
  • Diseases and pests will be at bay if you pay a little attention.
  • There won’t be any chance of theft or seizure.

The Disadvantages of Growing Indoors

  • The price of growing weed seeds indoor is quite high.
  • Finding a suitable indoor space can be difficult if you live in a small apartment.
  • Your crops won’t get any access to natural predators.
  • Some specific strains may need bigger space than you can manage.

How to choose the best indoor marijuana seeds for you?

Choosing the best indoor seeds of marijuana won’t be difficult anymore once you ensure the factors below:

Seeds for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, you need to choose only those seeds that are beginner friendly.

Plant Size

Depending on the indoor space you have, you need to choose seeds with the right size.

Potential Yield

You need to know how many pots you’ll need and depending on that, you need to find a strain.

Flowering Time

Strains offering a shorter flowering time will be easier to maintain and harvest.

The Effect

The smell, taste, and effect of strains vary, and hence, you need to check that before purchase.

Save time. Grow Indoors

If you’re on a schedule, growing weeds indoors will save you from a lot of hassle. That’s because most indoor strains offer shorter flowering time than outdoor strains, which may take several months. In contrast, indoor strains take only 8-10 weeks to flower.

Selecting Your Indoor Seeds

Choosing marijuana seeds is a process that involves a lot of aspects. The indoor size, yield, flowering time, and effect of the strain are these aspects. Also, if you’re a beginner, you need to find a beginner-friendly strain.

Top Five Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Here are the best weed seeds indoor among others that you can choose from.

1.  Northern Lights Feminized

This 90% Indica strain is named after Aurora Borealis owing to its fantastic trip. It has a calming effect and an earthy sweet scent to keep you captivated. The high-yielding strain is very easy to grow.

2.  AK-47 Fast Flower Feminized

If you’re looking for indoor CBD seeds for relaxation and mellowness, this one will be a perfect choice. The Sativa-dominant hybrid has a long-lasting effect and a mix of woody and earthy scents.

3.  Farmers Web High CBD

This one is a cross of Cannatonic x Afghani Skunk and Remedy strains. The Indica-dominant hybrid is known for its excellent effect on curing stress and anxiety.

4.  Purple Kush Seeds

The indoor kush with purple leaves is world-famous for its magical relief from pain and sleeplessness. It has a very long-lasting effect and the plant flowers very quickly.

5.  Remedy Feminized CBD

This Indica-dominant marijuana with high-yielding properties is easy to maintain. It’s known for the relaxation it provides from anxiety, stress, and depression. The high-quality indoor weed has a wonderful scent of earthy floral and citrus.

Growing Indoor Marijuana Seeds

You need a proper environment to grow indoor cannabis seeds indoors. It includes space, lighting, soil, and other elements we’ve already mentioned above. Once you ensure these, growing cannabis seeds indoors will be quite easy, we ensure!

So, what are you waiting for?

Order your favorite seeds online today and get a quick delivery!


How Much Time Is Needed To Grow Cannabis Indoors?

It usually takes 8-10 weeks to grow indoor pot seeds. However, it can slightly vary depending on the strain you choose. To ensure that, the best thing would be to check the label of your seed.

How to Choose Cannabis Seeds for Indoor Growing

Choosing cannabis seeds for indoor growing requires you to know certain facts. The strain type, flowering time, plant size, and effect are some of these important facts.

What Seeds Should You Grow Indoors?

Feminized seeds are the best option for growing cannabis indoors. You can choose any auto-flowering feminized seed from our selection to get a quality crop.

Can you grow feminized seeds indoors?

Yes, feminized seeds are really easier to grow indoors than regular ones. But, if you want to breed the seeds, you can go for a regular strain.


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