CBD Black Diesel


NYC Diesel x Undisclosed CBD

Sativa Dominant / CBD Fem

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SEED Details
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6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 18 Seeds

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Feminized Cannabis Seeds


7-9 weeks

THC Content





Medicinal / Relaxing / Pain




Alpha Phellandrene / Alpha Pinene / Alpha Terpineol / Delta 3 Carene / Eugenol / Gamma Terpinene / Nerolidol / Para-Cymene / Terpinolene / Trans-Nerolidol / Limonene


450 – 600 gr/m2 > indoor / 450 gr x plant > outdoor

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1. Overview of CBD Black Diesel

CBD Black Diesel is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the best of both worlds – the high CBD content of hemp with the powerful effects of THC.

2. Aroma, flavor and appearance

CBD Black Diesel has a pungent, diesel-like aroma with hints of citrus and earth. The flavor is similar, with a pronounced diesel taste and notes of lemon and pine. The buds are large and dense, with a dark green coloration and orange pistils.

3. Growing this strain

CBD Black Diesel can be difficult to grow, but the results are worth it. This strain is not recommended for beginners.

4. Effects on mind and body

The effects of CBD Black Diesel are balanced between body and mind. This strain can provide relief from pain and inflammation while also reducing anxiety and stress. Some users may find that the effects are too strong, causing couch lock and sleepiness.

5. Medical benefits

CBD Black Diesel has a number of medical benefits, including relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. This strain can also help to improve focus and concentration.

6. Negative side effects

The negative side effects of CBD Black Diesel include dry mouth, red eyes, and couch lock. This strain can also cause paranoia in some users.

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