DURBAN POISON Strain Feminized Seeds

DURBAN POISON Strain Feminized Seeds


Durban Poison Strain, although has somewhat a menacing name, is more commonly known for its powerful psycho active effects. It is an adaptive variety that can grow in a variety of conditions. It has a bold and sticky bud and generally boasts a THC yield between 15% and 25%.
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Strain Description

Durban Poison Strain Seeds Background

When you first come across the name, the word 'Durban Poison' may sound intimidating because of how strong it is. The plant which grows in the South African continent is associated with marijuana but belongs to the medical marijuana category.

A limited quantity of Durban poison strain is the best thing that could happen to a professional or a person who likes to be creative in their industry. For people who spend a majority of their work hours in an active environment or doing creative ideas, the uplifting nature of this variant and the sweet smell should keep one quite active for extended periods of time.


The origin of the Durban Poison Strain emerges from a place called Durban, located in South America. The term has been made popular in recent times even though it has been around for decades among the popular strains available. Among the many new hybrid variants made available today, Durban Poison is one among them.

In the 1970s, over 100 different seeds were spotted in the South African region. Going through so many different seeds to find good quality ones is not an easy task but this particular variant became popular because it had the least flowering time. The feature allowed people who sowed it in their lands to complete the entire process and export it to other countries within a short span of time.

This belongs to the landrace sativa family but the area of Durban is largely comprised of hybrid seeds. Finding the original seed that has not been contaminated with hybrids and pollinations is a difficult task these days. Irrespective of the difficulty in finding the best version, it continues to be one of the landmark seeds available in the marijuana culture.

Appearance of Durban Poison

The best way to spot pure Durban poison strain is by its physical features and the way it looks. For seasoned seed owners and people who have a habit of trying out different strains available, this should be an easy task. However, those who are new can follow these patterns to identify if it is the right kind of strain that you should buy.

The right Durban is always made up of large and rounded buds. It is one of the key physical traits that you should look for. An additional trait is that the green coloration on the plant is always attached to a silver-like finish coupled with peach-colored hairs. This is hence a unique combination but the most important thing that immediately allows one to spot the plant is its unique aroma.

Based on the place where it is grown, the aroma may have minor variations. The unique aroma once experienced with the help of a seasoned user or a seller in person can always be used to identify the Durban Poison Strain along with its colored appearance. The smell is a mix of lemon and anise with a smoked, sweet aroma that lingers in one’s nose for a long time. An additional method would be to compare it with many pictures available on the web.

Effects of Durban Poison

Being one of the highly rated marijuana seeds available in the market, Durban Poison, among the general public, is popular for many reasons. The major effects that the person could immediately benefit from are relief from stress and a stressful mindset, irrespective of how long or perennial their mental issue has been.

The naturally grown plant and its weed relieve the user from depression by creating an instant energetic flow when they inhale it. Other common effects include relief from pain which is why it is being used for specific medicinal purposes. The plant can also help relieve headaches and fatigue caused by depression or due to other events. The effects of the same will always vary from one person to another because each individual is different. Using it in moderate quantities is always advisable and if found to be causing side effects, it would be advisable to switch over to a different marijuana strain.

An advantage of using Durban Poison is that unlike many other strains, this one doesn’t leave the person with fatigue or tired after a couple of hours. The positive effect allows anyone to use it any time of the day as it helps improve focus and doesn’t create any physical side effects that could deter productivity.

Growing Durban Poison

Growing Durban Poison is a suggested activity for people with the necessary space because the outdoor harvesting method is far more complex and has to be customized. By default, it requires large, open outdoors because of how tall these plants grow which is why it is usually done in select countries. However, a viable alternative would be to grow them indoors and it is achieved by growth control methods which will control the plant’s overall size so that it is manageable in indoor conditions.

When it is planted in indoor conditions, it is essential to have ample sunlight combined with nutrients and care to grow the plant to its maximum potential. Compared to other strains available, this particular seed is not complex and easier cannabis to grow in an indoor setup. Hydroponics is a suggested nutrient which when used in moderate quantities can help attain a pure, non-hybrid version of marijuana. Outdoor harvesting is to be done in the month of September to October in which it can yield around 16 ounces from a fully grown plant.

The flowering period is approximately 14 to 16 weeks to get to its best version but Durban Poison can also be grown in just 9 weeks if the highest quality leaves are not expected of it. The difference between many strains and Durban Poison is that it can be grown as one plant at a time for those who like to give it a try rather than setting up a large space of land immediately. Besides, it is great cannabis for beginners and naturally resistant to pests, making it easier to plant with very little experience.

The Farmers Lab Durban Poison - The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence

The STRAIN for sale by Farmers Lab Seeds has its roots closely associated with the cannabis species origins from Asia.  We are incredibly proud to make this seed available to our customers.

Good Growing!

The Farmers Lab Team

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