Fast Flower Bruce Banner #3-Fem

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Fast Flower Bruce Banner #3-Fem


Fast Flower Bruce Banner #3

Bruce Banner #3 is a famous strain, known for its high THC content and beautiful buds.  It is a hybred with OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. It can be used as a daytime or nighttime smoke as it is excellent for stress and anxiety disorders as well as encouraging creativity.


Usually it takes a marijuana crop an entire summer season to flower completely-that is 3 to 5 months.  However, Farmers Lab is pleased to introduce a new breed of FEMINIZED short flowering THC strains.   With these strains, full flowering can be achieved in as little as eight weeks.  The unique genetic coding of these plants allow a grower in a hurry to harvest in as little as 6 to 7 weeks!








UP TO 600 G/M²
















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4 reviews for Fast Flower Bruce Banner #3-Fem

(verified owner)

Received my 6 FFBB#3Fem seeds last Friday and 5 of the 6 beans popped by Monday morning. Would have liked to give the product a 5 star rating but hey…they only just sprouted! Check back in a few months for a follow up comment/review.

(verified owner)

Fast Flower Bruce Banner #3 is looking good. 100% germination. Started the seed April 15th in a greenhouse. Plants are huge, well over 6 feet. Started flowering about week 10. It’s July 14th and the flower stretch has almost finished and buds are starting to form. Beautiful plants. The base stem is 2″ thick. Should get a huge yield.

(verified owner)

Update : Outdoor grow. These plants are huge. I’m guessing the final height at over 10 ft. One plant was damaged by wind and rain in early July and it flowered 2 weeks earlier than the others. I harvested 90% of the plant Sept 29th. The one plant yielded 20+ colas covered in sparkling goodness. Had a little rot in only 2 colas. Hopefully the remaining plants will hold up. If they do, I’m looking at a sh%^T load of weed. Buds look beautiful. Covered in trichomes. They look just like the photo on the website here. If I grow again I will start my seed indoors 2 weeks earlier and will traumatize the plants early to mid July to induce earlier and heavier flowering.

(verified owner)

Super tall and stout! Solid buds, mild to moderate leaf cover. Can’t wait to get some more!

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Bruce Banner by Farmers Lab Seeds

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It is named for the alter ego of the Incredible Hulk-once again showing that breeders have a unique sense of humour when it comes to naming their greatest achievements.  This strain has dense nugs as well as being able to have extremely high THC levels.

It is a powerful strain that is known to come on quickly and then level off with a creative and euphoric feeling.  The sativa elements of the strain render a fairly strong sensation in the head, but in some can also result in body relaxation making it a good day time smoke for some.

Bruce Banner #3 gained infamy when it ranked for first place in the Denver US Cannabis Cup.  Adding to its legendary status, it was tested as the post potent strain ever by High Times Cannabis Cups

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Growing Bruce Banner #3

These plants tend to flower at around weeks 8 to 10.  It is a handsome plant as it matures with leaves colored a rich magenta with green buds and red hairs.  The buds are coated by a generous wallop of trichomes.  When harvesting, Bruce Banner tends to offer greater yields than a typical OG Kush.  It is recommended for experienced growers looking for something exotic and new that can turn some heads with its bountiful and beautiful yield.

The Farmers Lab Bruce Banner #3 – The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence

The BRUCE BANNER #3 for sale by Farmers Lab Seeds has the identical 3 phenotypes associated with this strain and is an excellent representative of this famous and popular plant

Good Growing!

The Farmers Lab Team