Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower


(OG Kush x Durban poison) x Rudelaris

Indica Dominant / Femenized Autoflowering

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SEED Details
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6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 18 Seeds


56 to 63 days

THC Content



Balanced / Cerebral / Relaxing


Fruity / Incense / Kush.


Humulene / Alpha Cedrene / Alpha Terpineol / Borneol / Camphene / Citral / D-Limonene / Eugenol / Fenchol / Linalool / Nerolidol / Orange Terpenes / Phytol / Terpinolene / Alpha Pinene / Beta Caryophyllene / Cadinene / Eugenol / Farnesene / Humulene / Myrcene / Ocimene


500-600 gr/m2; 70-150 gr/plant outdoor.

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1. Overview of Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing two well-known and popular strains: Girl Scout Cookies and autoflowering Cannabis ruderalis. The result is a potent, high-yielding strain that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

2. Aroma, flavor and appearance

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower has a sweet and earthy aroma with hints of chocolate and coffee. The flavor is similarly sweet and earthy, with a chocolatey aftertaste. The buds are dense and sticky, with a dark green coloration and orange pistils.

3. Growing this strain

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower is a relatively easy strain to grow, and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It has a short flowering time of 8-10 weeks and can yield up to 600 grams per square meter indoors, or 450 grams per plant outdoors.

4. Effects on mind and body

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower has a potent psychoactive effect that can be quite overwhelming for inexperienced users. The high is characterized by a strong sense of euphoria and relaxation, followed by couch-lock and sleepiness. Medical patients may find this strain helpful in treating conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia.

5. Medical benefits

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower has a number of potential medical benefits. The strain may be helpful in treating conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia. Additionally, the high levels of CBD make this strain effective in treating seizure disorders and other forms of epilepsy.

6. Negative side effects

Like all cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower can cause some negative side effects, including dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness. Additionally, the potent psychoactive effect can be overwhelming for inexperienced users, causing anxiety and paranoia. It is important to start with a low dose and increase gradually as needed.

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