Orange Cookies


Sonic’s Orange x Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies)



1. Overview of Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies is a cannabis strain that is known for its sweet citrusy flavor and aroma. This strain also has a high THC content, making it a popular choice for those looking for a strong psychoactive effect. Orange Cookies is also a relatively easy strain to grow, making it a good choice for beginner growers.

2. Aroma, flavor, and appearance

As its name suggests, Orange Cookies has a strong citrusy aroma and flavor. The buds are also typically very dense and have a orange hue to them.

3. Growing this strain

Orange Cookies is a relatively easy cannabis strain to grow. It is resistant to many common pests and diseases, and does not require a lot of special care. However, it is important to make sure that the plants have enough ventilation, as the strong aroma of the buds can attract mold.

4. Effects on mind and body

Orange Cookies has a high THC content and produces powerful psychoactive effects. The high is typically very cerebral and uplifting, making it a good choice for those looking to combat stress or depression. The strain can also cause couch-lock and laziness, so it is best to consume it in moderation.

5. Medical benefits

Orange Cookies has a wide range of medical benefits. It can be used to treat conditions such as pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It is also effective in stimulating appetite and reducing nausea.

6. Negative side effects

The most common negative side effect of Orange Cookies is dry mouth. Other potential side effects include dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety. It is important to consume this strain in moderation to avoid these negative effects.

Additional information

Packet Size

6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 18 Seeds


56 – 60 days

THC Content

18-22% THC

CBD Level

Low-less than 2%


Euphoric / Happy / Anxiety / Depression / Pain / Stress / Insomnia


Nut / Orange / Vanilla Cream


Beta Caryophyllene / Alpha Humulene / Limonene / Linalool / Nerolidol / Beta Pinene / Myrcene / Alpha Pinene / Caryophyllene Oxiyde / Δ-3-Carene / Terpinolene


500 gr/m2 Indoor / 650 gr/plant Outdoor


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