Original Skunk #1 Regular Strain


Original Skunk #1, a Hybrid strain that first bloomed in the 1970s. The strain offers elevated creativity, has a skunk-like odor and is known to be easy to grow. Skunk No.1 strain offers a long-lasting, uplifting buzz without a heavy feeling.

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Grower Reviews 8
Strain Description

The Farmers Lab Original Skunk #1 Regular Strain/strong> - The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence

The Original Skunk #1 Regular Strain  for sale by Farmers Lab Seeds has its roots closely associated with the cannabis species origins.  We are incredibly proud to make this seed available to our customers.

Good Growing!

The Farmers Lab Team

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 5 × 10 in
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6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 18 Seeds









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CBD Level

Low-less than 2%

Thc Content



Hybrid, Sativa

Grower Reviews 8

8 reviews for Original Skunk #1 Regular Strain

Avatar of Kylie

Can I order more please xo

Avatar of Lucy

I would highly recomment this seller and the products! Kudos!

Avatar of Ayden

Farmer’s lab is the best!!

Avatar of RJ
RJ (verified owner)

Grow this outside if you have a chance. These are BEAUTIFUL. Yes, you can smell them across the yard, so if that is an issue, be advised. I have a few in my inside tent, but man……outside is the answer with this stuff. Huge, healthy, green, odorous plants. Best seeds of the bunch.

Avatar of Chazzy

I’m buying the skunk#1 original 1970s . anyone have any recent feedback or pictures . I’m going to give these guys a shot I hope they come out good just the beginning of a review without having anything to review read about skunk number 1 if it’s anything like I had when I was a kid it was an amazing high all organic then man sticky sticky sticky wonderful weed . If smell like a skunk and meen like skunk wow I’ll be in heaven ☆☆☆ ☆☆ on reviews. On the first my orders going in hope you all are good to me . See u in 5d

Avatar of Chad Dalton
Chad Dalton (verified owner)

Now on my third day after ordering 3-1-2021 . Cant wait have every thing ready for skunk #1 1970 strain . Customer service Jen & The dont have name yet but in this short time called 3 times . ( So Nice to me ):) .They really do there job . Have a minute to wait . Like any good thing in life . My order has been ship already . Txt me this morning . In good time my fat mommoz ( WILL BE GROWING !! WOW DREAMS DO COME TRUE .LOVEN THESE SWEET HARTED PEOPLE THANK for all the good things.

Avatar of Chad Dalton
Chad Dalton (verified owner)

Well not sure how this might turn out like brick weed seed all 12 popped tap roots they all do look like the same plant but can say one open made a tap root but it browed being iv sprouted may seeds like this I new I hade to keep close eye on them so the 16 march 2021 started 48 hour for the first few to pop . Keeping clean water every day twise a day . But over all no cool mailing but on good time for shipping you have to really nurse these seeding customer service was great jen and THE MAN . HOPE you all do great no free bee’s but it does say maybe . Thank you Gen from the Dalton gang

Avatar of Ncat
Ncat (verified owner)

On my second grow from a 6 pack of these, full germination even after 1 year between grows. I wanted to come back do a quick review to let any of the doubters know yes you can and should grow this strain. NOTE: this strain highly benefits from LST rather than topping in my opinion and I have grown both methods. I did LST and Lolly popping on my Last plant & had 3 main juicy top colas. Specifically to the LST method be sure to ADD stability in a trellis net or caging around the plant as the colas will get to dense for the stems and give away. As the other reviews said this plant does also well outside, Im living in a cold climate and had luck with clones in my outdoor unheated greenhouse! A super versatile and hearty plant that is very newby friendly and can offer quality yields and Terpene flavors.

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