Remedy-High CBD Fem


Remedy-High CBD Fem


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I need this! Will purchase it now ;D

Ordered 6 Remedy seeds & received 10 last November 2018. Only 6 germinated. After 5 months of growing, the plants all looked different from each other but all had buds. One had a lot and 2 had a lot less. I cooked one plant with oil in a crock pot for about 6 hours and strained the liquid. Since I never did this before I wasn’t sure how much of it to take. I’ve never used marijuana before. It was supposed to have about 10% CBD and 6% THC. I took about 1/2 half tsp and got a high that lasted about 2 hours. Didn’t really want that but perhaps it was because I wasn’t used to it. After that I used only 1 drop and increased it gradually. I’ve got 5 herniated discs and have been hospitalized a couple of times because I couldn’t sit or stand. 5 drops a day and I am pain free except when I wake up and then I have my CBD cup of morning tea. I’m now doing my own yard work again and can bend over to touch my toes and even sit on the ground which is something I haven’t done in years without paying a high price in pain. Growing was a lot of work, but it paid off in dividends because it also helps my rheumatoid arthritis. I tried buying CBD oil commercially but it wasn’t strong enough and when I increased the dosage to what I needed, it got too expensive. Growing it myself was very cost effective.

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