SKYWAKLER is an indica dominent hybrid strain. It gets its high THC content from the strains used to create it and will leave you focused, happy relaxed and stress-free.
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Strain Description

Skywalker Strains - Background

Skywalker is a fancy name for a marijuana bud. However, it is not surprising as the majority of the buds are often addressed with unique, catchy names that people would instantly remember. The THC content on this strain is about 22,76% while CBN and CBD content is lower than half a percent. People primarily use the product for multiple medicinal uses including relaxing their muscles, improving appetite and getting rid of insomnia. Most of them who have used it have confirmed it to be a potent solution that helps get rid of chronic pain.

The addictive and fun taste combined with its aroma makes Skywalker strain a desired choice among people. It has a rather sweet fruity flavor to it which is immediately striking in first use combined with strong hints of blueberry. As you inhale it, it will have a rather spicy finish combined with pepper making it the best of both worlds anyone would find to be satisfying. The plant is best grown indoors and is an easy choice for newcomers because it is not so complex to be grown with little experience.


Skywalker, also known as Skywalker Alien, is on par with many other marijuana strains available because it is predominantly made from the indica hybrid strain family. The THC count is high enough for most people at 15 percent. With its humble origins and familiar weed effects as well as the notorious side effects, this also has a cool name inspired by the popular Star Wars saga.

The Skywalker strain is a hybrid variant that is made by mixing Mazar female seeds in combination with Blueberry male. The high kicks in quickly with force and that particular term probably made the creators name it as one of the popular Star Wars' family name. Cannabis is extremely loved by many because it is hybrid yet retains the iconic Indica flavor.

Getting accustomed to these buds is rather easy because they have a brilliant fruity aroma which users in many countries have come to love. The sense of euphoria is fun, relaxing but at the same time, has its share of medical benefits. Marijuana, when consumed in moderate quantities, is known as a mild cure for arthritis, chronic pain and symptoms of nausea.

Appearance of skywalker strain

Identifying the Skywalker strain is a mixed experience because it looks very similar to so many marijuana buds available online. The overall appearance is not striking with fancy colors but rather a strong mixture of earthy green. The size of the flowered buds is rather mixed up because you will find them in a very tiny size, small and medium sizes too.

They are also capable of getting the user instantly high and have a very pungent flavor. To identify the product using its smell, you can consider it to be a mixture of pine, citrus and earthy aroma combined with tangy taste when you inhale it.


Most users follow the habit of consuming their marijuana buds when they have a lazy afternoon or are not required to be sober. That's because some of the buds are rather strong and could immediately immobilize the user so that they could move within their home but not clear enough to go outside. The Skywalker effect falls rather in between these rather than going to the extremes. When inhaled, it can immediately make the person feel euphoric and they would often feel like resting on their couch. The effect will obviously vary from one person to another as some say they use it before they go on a chilled out evening in the pub.

Some often feel like taking a nap because when their brain feels extremely relaxed and happy, they prefer to sleep to enjoy that lazy experience. The cerebral effects are strong enough that it creates a numbing effect while keeping the person delighted for a long period. While there will be some side effects, it does have plenty of medical uses including getting rid of depression and anxiety, fixing insomnia to a certain extent. Professional users suggest going for it in the evening or night because it could lead to a good night’s sleep when the effect wears off. Being a responsible user goes a long way in experiencing the best effects the Skywalker Alien strain has to offer.

Growing of Skywalker

The best aspect about Skywalker is that it is friendly cannabis that most newcomers can give a try and grow in their premises. It can be grown outdoors or indoors, but growing it indoors has always been the best to achieve optimal conditions. The strain is much easier to grow when it is harvested within the home. The plant will yield flowers and buds in a matter of 8 to 9 weeks which is quite normal for most marijuana plants.

When harvested in a single square meter, the yield generated will be approximately 400 grams. The plant grows best in outdoor conditions if harvested during November. Possibly, the right time is to start during the second week of November and start getting those yields in just two months. Optimum conditions are often being specified of high importance to have the best version out of this hybrid which is a fine mix of Mazar and Blueberry.

Skywalker has its origin similar to the OG Kush but it is better because of the combination of spicy touch combined with a fruity flavor. In ideal conditions, it can produce the expected yield in just 8 weeks but when provided more time, like 9 to 10 weeks, it will be much better when the buds fully grow to reach their full potential. It can be considered to be stony cannabis because it could immediately make people high, feel relaxed but at the same time also make them lazy, encouraging them to fall asleep. It offers a good solution to those who love to improve their sleep quality to enjoy their rest better which in turn helps reduce any health issues and improve the overall mood.

Skywalker seeds for sale on the Farmers Lab Seeds site are good for both day and early evening.

The Farmers Lab Skywalker - The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence

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Weight 15 g
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Low-less than 2%



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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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Ray (verified owner)

Nice sticky frosty buds, first time I’ve been satisfied from the smoke off homegrown! Pungent earthy taste, 8 out of 10 on the high, mediocre yield. Although I’m happy with the out come I’m almost certain I was sent photoperiod seeds as I started them middle of June and didn’t harvest till the end of October. All in all it’s a great strain.

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