Researchers Say CBD Can Be Used To Treat Anxiety

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Some researches are now claiming the CBD, an active but non-psychoactive chemical in the cannabis plants, can be used to treat anxiety.

This is quite contradictory to classic claims about marijuana that the plant actually causes anxiety related disorders.  The research comes from Carl Stevenson, who is a neuroscientist ad researcher at the University of Nottingham.

Stevenson based his report on many existing marijuana-related research articles and experience.  He compiled the data from a lot of people, and came to the conclusion that there is substantial evidence that marijuana may do just the trick for some people with anxiety.

Seven said he believes specifically that CBD can reduce fear by changing the way the brain works.  Reduce fear, and anxiety is released as well.

It’s relatively new in the collective conscious of the United States that CBD can be such a good medicine for disorders such as anxiety of PTSD.  But after a 2013 CNN documentary, the idea has gained steam and policy makers have begun opening the doors, even in states without a medical marijuana program, for CBD to be sold.

There are some big problems with the research, however.  For example, many of the studies listed in this report ave tested on animals such as rats and mice, and not humans.  Additionally, there has been evidence elsewhere that marijuana can actually cause or induce anxiety.  It’s certainly nothing to play with for people with serious mental conditions without close guidance from a dicta.

To verify this claim, we should hold our excitement at finding  a natural treatment for anxiety and continue in the research field to test the drug out on not only rodent, but human subjects.  It seems clear that marijuana affects everyone in different and unique ways, so while the drug may be perfect for one person with anxiety, it might be a disaster for the next.

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So toke responsibly!”

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