A Marijuana Leaf Sasquatch Interrupted A Live Report, And You Have To See It (WATCH)

And now for a little fun!  A meteorologist was sent to Springfield, Massachusetts to give a weather report, and she got a visit from an unexpected character.

During her live weather report on a huge snowstorm, meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was joined by a strange creature lovingly referred to as “Potsquatch”.  Right behind her as she gave her report, a person in a marijuana leaf-covered sasquatch costume trucked through the snow:


The excellent live television moment came from WWLP, who was nice enough to take some b-roll footage of the friendly creature prancing through the snow.  They posted this video on their Facebook page later that day:

It didn't take long for the story to go viral and hit online news outlets across the country.

We even know a little about the man behind the costume.  His name is Dave Mech, and he is the owner of Potco, which is a gardening supply store that caters to cannabis growers.

He’s quite the marketer, as he came up with the costumed character as a promotional tool for his business.  He said he saw WWLP setting up for a report, and he decided to take the opportunity to do a little advertising:

“I was in my store waiting for some people from New York, and I saw them setting up.  I saw the bushes behind them and it was just too perfect.”

Well-played, friend, well-played.  You managed to make a lot of people smile.


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