For a cost-effective, energy-smart method of farming, the best solution is to start seeds indoors, where they will remain throughout the germination and vegetative growth stages, and then move them outdoors for flowering. This will make use of the natural light/dark cycle outside, and cut down on your energy usage significantly.

Year-round production is made possible by the two growth cycles of the cannabis plant. At germination, the plant enters what is known as a vegetative state, which means that it makes use of continuous light and is constantly photosynthesising. Keeping your plants indoors during this phase will allow them to grow faster than they would outdoors, as the dark of night will interrupt their continuous growth cycle.

The growing process is best started in Winter, when you will want to utilise your indoor space for nurturing seedlings and/or cuttings. Beginning indoors in Winter will help you avoid stunting plant growth that the long nights and short days can cause.

In Spring or Fall, when plants reach 12”-18” in height, they can be moved outside to take advantage of the lengthening days and uninterrupted darkness at night. Moving the plants from continuous light to a light/dark cycle will force the plant to flower, and will yield a harvest within 2-3 months.

For the outdoor stage of growing, you will need to construct a small greenhouse. This can be done quite simply using fibreglass or plastic sheeting, and will provide the plants with optimal growing conditions and allow you plant directly in the ground. It will also protect your crops from pests, harsh weather and prying eyes.

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