‘Stoner Mom’ Aims To End Stigma Against Moms Who Smoke

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Kathryn VanEaton might seem like your typical stay-at-home mom—she cares for two of her own children, and her two step children.  She takes them to school, she sits down with them for dinner at night as a family, and she cooks and cares for each of them. 

But there is something that makes her a little unique.  She calls herself the “Stoner Mom”, and she’s passionate about erasing the stigma against mothers who smoke marijuana.

Her advocacy comes in the form of blogging, which she started doing long before her debut as “Stoner Mom”.  She began blogging 12 years before starting “Stoner Mom” in 2014:

“When mommy blogging became big, this was like what, early 2000s?  It was awesome because moms could be like ‘Oh, I’m a mom and I do this’ or ‘Oh, I’m a mom and I do that.  There’s all these different niches that they could get into the context of being a mom.”

But when marijuana became legal in her home state of Colorado, Kathryn saw an opportunity.  She was in a unique position: a mom blogger who smokes in a state with legal marijuana:

“I would get high with my girlfriend on girls’ night in, and we would just talk about how funny it was that we were secretly smoking pot.  We’re the same moms—we’re home, we’re picking up our kids from pre-school and elementary school and sleeping with our kids, or not getting any sleep.  People didn’t really know that the mom at the grocery store with the enormous grocery bill is also a pothead.”

Largely, the heart of the blogging work she does is to help erase the stigma against mothers who use cannabis.

“Cannabis users have to be adults, obviously, but adults are very often parents.  If there’s even the inkling that you might be misunderstood as a mother, persecuted as a mother, have your children taken away, God forbid, or even just have your community judge you as a bad mother, those are all deal breakers for moms…a responsible mom in a legal state can’t come out.  It looks bad on her as a mom.”

But Kathryn is determined to be a champion for those mothers.  On her blog, she creates videos with instructional trips on smoking pot, like “Dabbing for Beginners” or “How I Use Cannabis For Depression”.  Also popular are her “Stoner Sesh” videos where she shows herself smoking as a friend to get high with.

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Kathryn has had support from her family and friends as a stoner mom, and she’s out there making sure other moms like her have support too.  Way to go, Kathryn!”

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