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Bruce Banner #3 takes its namesake from the popular comic book superhero – the Hulk. The popular feminized cannabis strain is rightly named because it is an extremely powerful and potent strain, just like the mighty green hulk.

HISTORY OF THE bruce banner 3 STRAIN

The strain is a well-known phenotype of Bruce Banner. Some say that Bruce Banner was first bred in Colorado in 2009 by Delta 9 Caretakers of Colorado who are now defunct. However, most of them believe that it was Dark Horse Genetics that bred Bruce Banner #3. It is one of the five phenotypes bred by Dark Horse Genetics and is easily one of the most potent and powerful strains on the market.

The strain became popular when it won the first prize at the Denver U.S. Cannabis Cup. Moreover, it was the third most potent strain at the High Times Cannabis Cup, with a massive 25 to 29% THC per weight. What’s more, Bruce Banner #3 gained further reputation when High Times named it “The strongest strain on earth” in 2014 with a remarkable THC analysis of 28.3%! Quite obviously, with over 28% THC, this is the strongest strain ever tested in the US Cannabis Cup.


The super potent Bruce Banner 3 cannabis strain sports a distinguished sweet and spicy-lemon OG Kush aroma coupled with a mild hint of sweetness. Its effect begins immediately with an elated head high, allowing you to slowly drift into a pleasant and relaxed body stoned, while your mind still works towards maximum performance.

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Bruce Banner 3 tastes like pungent citrus. Compared to its smell, the taste is significantly earthier and less sweet. As the strain is a result of cross-breeding between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, the slight, sweet diesel scent is inevitable. A few people opine that the feminized weed strain maintains a flavor that’s much like its aroma and has a strong earthly taste. Its smoke seems to have a sweet aftertaste that many love.

The leaves of Bruce Banner 3 turn unique dark magenta on exposure to cold temperatures. Its colas are appealing with dense, minty green buds along with purple undertones, which are known to have a large amount of resin. The buds are slightly rounded and completely frosted. A coating of trichomes (large-headed) covers all the surfaces.

In general, the trip of this wonderful strain will seem like it’s everlasting and its near-30% THC will offer you an unforgettable experience. Its distinct aroma and flavor make it an amazing choice for pro-marijuana users and for those who are looking for a strong and powerful high.


It is pretty easy to grow Bruce Banner #3 cannabis. The plant grows well in a normal environment that’s free of diseases and pests. The moment you get your seeds from popular seed labs such as Farmers Lab Seeds, you can choose to grow them either indoors or outdoors. Along with the usual plant care, Bruce Banner 3 adapts well to the SOG technique.

When Bruce Banner #3 plants are grown indoors, the plants start flowering between 60 and 70 days. Breeders can expect a normal yield of about 20 to 22 ounces per square meter. If you grow these plants outdoors, you can obviously expect a higher yield. You can expect the plant to grow to nearly ten feet and produce an average of almost 35 ounces per plant.

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Despite its high potency, Bruce Banner gives high yields. To gain maximum yield, you may have to stress train this plant – it perhaps responds greatly to high-stress as well as low-stress training. By doing so, you can expect king-size yields when you harvest.

One thing to note is that the buds become heavy and very sticky. And, the plants show expansive growth. So, the strain should be tied down in order to control the height. It makes 100% full-melt bubble hash. Besides, it has great yields on BHO runs and bubble hash.

You can buy Bruce Banner 3 weed strain seeds from Farmers Lab Seeds here.


Bruce Banner is a result of the crossing over of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. Five phenotypes resulted from this original strain. Of the five, #2 and #4 dropped off the grid. Of the remaining three, Bruce Banner #3 recorded the highest potency score.

The mother used to create Bruce Banner was the OG Kush’s ghost cut. It was pollinated with reservoir seeds of Strawberry Diesel (father) which was a result of crossing over Soul Diesel and Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough. While three notable cuts were established from the breeding, #3 is the most OG Kush dominant, #5 is Strawberry Diesel dominant and #1 is a mix of both.

The Bruce Banner #3 is a powerful hybrid with a great balance between Sativa and Indica effects. The kind of energy Bruce Banner gives is channeled easily into productivity, thereby making this strain appropriate for daytime and evening smoke sessions. However, its potency is perhaps too much to handle in professional situations.

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