Study: U.S. Legal Medical Marijuana Could Have Saved $1 Bil.


A research round-up published recently in the publication “Health Affairs” had a pretty shocking prediction to make about the legalization of medical marijuana.  Their claim?

If the 50 states, along with D.C., legalized would have legalized medical marijuana in 2014, Medicaid alone would have saved about $1.01 billion.

Their claim comes from the observation that people used prescriptions through fee-for-service Medicaid at much lower rates in states with medical marijuana than in states that hadn’t legalized it.

It isn’t the only study that suggests that people in states with legal weed are tossing their prescriptions in favor of nature’s medicine.  A similar study by Ashley C. Bradford and W. David Bradford on Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs, found that “patients in states with such las were substituting medical marijuana for prescription drugs.”

This latest study essentially found that states with medical marijuana had reported savings of, on average, 2% of their Medicaid spending.  Therefore, the researchers concluded:

“Given that total spending observed in the fee-for-service Medicaid Sate Drug Utilization Data for 2014 was just under $23.9 billion, the observed savings related to the laws were equivalent to about 2 percent of the total spending.  If all states had had a medical marijuana law in place in 2014, the national savings for fee-for-service Medicaid would have been approximately $1.01 billion.”

Yet another piece of compelling evidence to pile on top of the mountain we already have in favor of federally-legalized medical marijuana!  Your play, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

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