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A conversation around marijuana is never complete without a debate between growing your own weed and buying it from outside. While you may already be buying weed from retail stores in your locality, have you considered growing your weed plants? Several online forums may be suggesting you grow cannabis in your own garden. However, should you believe them and start cultivating? Of course not! To help you out, here’s the truth about growing your own weed.


When buying weed from a store, you can never be sure about its quality or the strain the seller claims it to be. In addition to this, since marijuana is barely legal in most countries around the world, it is better to grow your own weed in your garden, according to the rules of your state. Similarly, here are some other reasons why you must consider growing your own weed.

  1. Access to cannabis becomes easier than ever. Imagine having fresh and young weed plants growing in your own backyard and you can pluck the leaves whenever you want. Sounds good, right?
  2. Secondly, you have all the rights to experiment with the various varieties of weeds, their growing methods, and the ways to harvest them. So, you won’t be stuck with a single strain all the time and can try out different strains to find out the best one for you.
  3. All of us are aware of the cost of buying weed from outside. If you are someone who used cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, you can surely save a lot of money while growing your own weed.

Now that you are convinced about the advantages of growing your own weed, let’s walk you through the process of growing your weed at your home.


While growing your own weed, it’s important to consider the weather, sunlight duration, soil conditions, and pests in your area. Once you have the ideal ambient conditions, it’s the right time to begin sowing the seeds. Let’s see the step-by-step process of growing cannabis plants.

  1. Take 5-10 gallon pots for growing your marijuana plants and fill them with quality-potting soil that contains enough amounts of nutrients to let your plants grow long and healthy.
  2. Add some fertilizers like blood meal, bone meal, wood ash, dolomite lime, and Epsom salts. Each of their fertilizers supplies the required nutrients to your plants like nitrogen, calcium, sulfur, and so on.
  3. The next step is to sow the marijuana seeds at least 2-3 inches deep in the soil. Gently tap the soil and sprinkle some water on the soil.
  4. Keep the pots in a well-lit area with a constant breeze. Also, make sure your potted plants are away from any pest-infected areas. To do this, you may cover the area around your plants with a fine net.

Check your pots after 2-3 three days. You will see small seedlings sprouting out of the soil. You may choose to shift these plants indoors or keep them outside. In addition to this, please ensure that you don’t over-water the plants as it may cause water-logging and kill your plants.

Knowing how to grow your weed is not enough to create a healthy and heavy flowering cannabis plant. There are certain tips you must follow for growing the best quality marijuana plants in your garden. You must be aware of your requirements for the cannabis plants. Whether you are looking for high CBD content or ease of harvesting, make sure to select the right strains. Choosing the right soil and seeds is another important thing to consider. That’s why we recommend you to buy seeds from as we guarantee world-class marijuana seeds.



As you may already know, there are hundreds of marijuana strains available on the market. However, not all of those strains come with an equal amount of CBD. Also, besides the Sativa and Indica strains, there are many different quality strains. So, to ease your effort of finding the best strains that you must grow in your garden, here are a few options for you.


Feminized seeds are the best strains to grow if you require a high yield without doing much work. These plants produce female buds which further reduces the cost of growing marijuana plants. In addition to this, growing feminized seeds prevents wastage of plants as in the case of regular seeds which have a 50% likelihood of germinating into male plants.


Unlike regular cannabis seeds that flower after at least 20 weeks of growth, auto-flower seeds start producing flowers within 7 weeks. This means you can harvest cannabis from these plants multiple times throughout the year. If you are looking to buy auto-flowering seeds, Farmers Lab Seeds is the one-stop solution for you. From Amnesia, Blueberry, and Purple Kush to Sour Diesel and Skywalker, we have all the different varieties you can ever think of.


High CBD seeds are mainly used for medicinal purposes as they have higher CBD levels as compared to other strains. This is beneficial in treating chronic pain. Such plants can be used for treating several illnesses like inflammation, schizophrenia, insomnia, and so on.


As the name suggests, fast-flower seeds allow you to grow marijuana plants that can be signaled to flower early just by changing the light cycles. If you want your plants to flower early, expose them to 12 hours of sunlight and no more than that. This will signal the plant to flower.



Now that you have a complete understanding of the truth about growing your own marijuana, would you like to give it a try? Great! If you are looking to buy quality marijuana seeds online, look no further than Farmers Lab Seeds. We are the best sellers in the market. No matter whether you wish to grow feminized seeds or auto-flowering seeds, we have it all. Gather your shovels and water baskets and let’s start growing!

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