Types of Weed & Their Effects

Weed or marijuana can be of multiple varieties depending upon the way it’s prepared and the type of cannabis plant it’s produced from. Marijuana or weed is basically the dried leaves, stems, seeds, or flowers of the cannabis plant. If you are interested to know the various types of weed and their effects, then here are the details.

The main ingredient in weed is a chemical named THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. As an active ingredient, it has psychoactive effects on humans and animals. That means this ingredient can control and change mood, cognitive functioning, and cognizance. Another important component in marijuana is CBD or cannabidiol which has relaxation effects without any psychoactive effects.

The stronger a weed is, the higher the amount THC it has than CBD. It means that the ratio of THC and CBD depends upon the compound of marijuana. If a weed contains an equal ratio of THC and CBD, the effect of CBD can alter with the effects of THC. Hence, the effect of marijuana can hugely depend upon the ratio of THC and CBD it has.

Now, you must be wondering what types of weed are available and what their effects are. Read on to know about all these types and their effects.

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Autoflowering weeds, also known as day-neutral cannabis, usually grow to harvest as quickly as in 2 months from the day of sowing seeds. The variety enters its flowering stage irrespective of the weather condition and what kind of light cycle you provide. Autoflowering weeds can be of various types as follows:


Though the name can be divisive, it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers relaxation and mellowness while providing a long-lasting and steady cerebral buzz. You will get engagement and mental acuity from this variety and as a result, social engagement and creativity will prosper. For better sleep, this variety can be suitable because it has shown good results for those with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. The dark yellowish-green buds of this variety are tall and wide having large calyxes. You can also identify the buds from the fine red hair and crystals. You can grow this variety both indoor and outdoor in a mild climate. The strain will yield approximately 300 to 500 grams every square meter under good conditions.



Also known as Amnesia Haze, this one is a Sativa-dominant strain but the breeders can hugely vary. The variant is suitable for controlling mood disorders because it provides a euphoric, creative, and uplifting effect. Also, this one is suitable for insomnia and sleep disorders. Having won more than 18 awards all over the world, Amnesia is a very popular variant. Though there are various strains of Amnesia, the strain is basically a cross between super silver haze and bubblegum. A fun fact about the naming of Amnesia Haze is that it represents the humorous characteristic of short-time memory loss, which can be replaced with happy times.


Originated from California, this hybrid seed has Sativa-dominant properties. Popular among both beginners and veteran growers, the breed is a legend of the West Coast. The best feature of this variety is that it can completely make you feel relaxed while maintaining your mental acuity. The users of Blue Dream Seeds often speak of the calm euphoric trip it gives. The skunk sweet smell is a characteristic of the Blue Dream buds. While exhaling, you can get berry flavor and an aftertaste of herbs. Humbolt Seeds were the original grower of this cultivar but today, it’s being cultivated by various cannabis breeders worldwide.


For growing in small areas, this unique strain is perfect. You can either grow it indoors or outdoors in concealers. Dwarf Lowryder Strain has no vegetative phase, which means that it grows quite fast while ensuring a modest yield. As the name suggests, the plant is small and discreet. The initial effects of this variant are mood enhancing and uplifting. Many users say that they feel clear-headed and happy rather than zoned out. Some users feel that this strain provides them with creative thinking.


This hybrid strain is Indica dominated known for its excess THC content of 22.76% and a low CBD content. The initial effects of Skywalker are relaxation, steady focus, happiness, and stress burst. The main users of this strain are the people who want to relax their muscles, cure insomnia and improve appetite. Relief from chronic pain is another huge benefit of consuming this strain. The rich taste of Skywalker is another reason for people liking this strain. The initial sweet fruity flavor with a hint of blueberry makes it a popular choice among users. Growing this strain is comparatively easier than other variants as you can grow them indoors without any special care.

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Another Indica-dominant hybrid that has a fruity flavor, Zkittlez takes its name from the popular candy. As the name suggests, most users of this strain like the citrusy and tropical flavor after inhaling it. Though the ratio of Sativa and Indica in this variant can depend upon the breeder, the usual plants have 9-15% THC. The effect of Zkittlez is mostly happy, relaxing, and euphoric. The easy-going and simplistic nature makes cultivating this strain quite easy for beginners. If you grow indoors, the plants will harvest within 7 to 9 weeks after plantation.


As the name suggests, feminized seeds are the ones that are modified to grow only female plants. Initiated with experimentation named Dutch Passion in the year 1999, the feminized seeds have changed the overall operations of growing marijuana. The main benefit of growing these seeds is that you can get a high yield at less work. The cost-effectiveness is another benefit of planting feminized seeds, which has made them immensely popular.


The name sounds quite horrific but this strain promotes relaxation and mellowness. The cerebral buzz and long-lasting effect are liked by many users. People with mood disorders, insomnia, and sleeping disorders can use this strain as it’s suitable for all such conditions. The wide and tall AK 47 buds are usually yellowish-green in color and they have large calyxes, fine red hair, and crystals. Growing this feminized strain is also quite simple as it can tolerate both indoor and outdoor plantations. Under good conditions, the high-yielding plants can grow approximately 300 to 500 grams every square meter.


This legendary strain developed first in the late 1970s is admired immensely by weed connoisseurs for the unique high it gives and the colorful leaves. The name derives from the blueberry-like scent that lingers in the mouth from the first inhale. Blueberry’s feminized strain has a long-lasting euphoric effect along with a relaxed feel that makes it suitable for people with anxiety and mood disorders.


Another famous feminized strain that’s known for its beautiful buds and high THC content, Bruce Banner is a hybrid strain between Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. Be it a daytime smoke or a nighttime smoke, this one is perfect for people with anxiety and stress disorders. Also, the relaxing feeling that this strain gives makes it the favorite of many users. The plantation process of this strain is quite easy and fast as the plants get ready to harvest within 8 to 10 weeks. You can identify Bruce Banner buds by the abundant wallop of trichomes.

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This one is a heavy Indica hybrid enjoyed by a wide number of weed users. Originated in L.A., the hybrid strain is a cross between the OG Kush plant and a Northern Lights phenotype. The potency of this strain is very high due to the Indica content. The strain is more suitable for nighttime as it generates good sleep and relaxation. If you are looking for a weed strain to unwind after a tiring day of work, this one can be a perfect choice.


As its name suggests, this cannabis strain has a high amount of CBD and hence it’s recommended as a painkiller or relaxing agent. The Indica dominant hybrid strain has a sweet taste and scent that generates euphoria without promoting sleep. Dr. Underground is the breeder of this medical creation, which aims to combat the worse effects of chemotherapy. Sensi Star is the mother of this strain that has a high CBD content. The level of CBD in this variant is 7% whereas the level of THC is 6%. However, this strain isn’t suitable for daytime because it has some sedative properties. The strong body and mind relaxation generated by this strain can make you less active during the day and hence it’s perfect for nighttime.


The potency and unique flavor of this feminized weed make it quite popular worldwide. The UK-originated cultivar is the best for promoting relaxation and calmness. The hybrid strain is Indica-dominant and it has a pleasing cheese scent.

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