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Dwarf Lowryder is a unique plant that is ideal for small grow areas, indoor or concealed growing out doors.  It is an autoflower with almost now vegetative phase meaning it grows fast with a modest yield.  It is 70% Indica, 20% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis.
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Dwarf Lowryder Seeds

by Farmers Lab Seeds

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Dwarf Marijuana Plant

Dwarf plants are the world’s smallest marijuana strain. The longest they grow is 15 inches and they produce 10.15 grams per plant. Because of the dwarf marijuana plants compact size it makes it easier to be grown in between other plants. In fact, it is so small that it is not easy to spot amidst other taller plants. They require very little foliage coverage.
Many beginners, people living in densely populated environments or wish to grow outdoor undetected, opt for the marijuana dwarf plant. They do not produce high yields and are therefore suitable for personal use and not for commercial purposes. They are easy to grow and do not involve a lot of work.   The dwarf marijuana seeds auto flower after two weeks in the vegetative cycle and does not need light regulation.

Lowryder strain

The Lowryder plant only grows to a maximum height of 16 inches, making it the smallest hybrids present today. It is the only auto-flowering marijuana strain that is unaffected by changes in lighting and timing-they create buds and fully flower on their own. They are therefore suitable for both outdoor and indoor planting.
The lowryder marijuana strain takes eight weeks after germination to complete flowering. Since it does not have a vegetative stage as it evolves from seedling to flowering stage, Lowryder seed strain cannot be cloned or regenerated. Planting has to be done afresh everytime. Due to its auto-flowering ability, the plant will complete growing regardless of any changes in lighting.

The Dwarf Lowryder seeds strain grows only up to 50cm tall and this makes it especially ideal for small indoor growth spaces or-even outdoor amidst other taller plants. It is a good breed for beginners because it completes growth faster as it passes directly from seedlings to flowering. It is also the fastest producer of potent buds because it can be planted several times in one season.


The Lowryder Marijuana strain grows up to a height of between 30-50cm. it is smaller in size with a few leaves and flowers. It is effective for growing in areas lacking wide space.

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General effects

Lowryder Marijuana strain has the capability to motivate and make someone feel creative and is therefore liked by many artists. It has a relaxing effect and does not increase the weight of the body. It creates a sweet, smooth and natural exciting buzz.
It acts as an energizer without reducing the functionality of the mind which makes it the desirable daytime treat. It is, therefore, the perfect smoke for those times you wish to rel. before resuming duties. It is also the perfect choice for beginners and those with little smoking experience who wish to have something mild.
It has a 10.85% THC content meaning that it is not as high as the other varieties. It is very suitable for fun times, relaxation and motivation. It is also very ideal for meditation, it focuses attention and helps to ease stress and anxiety.

Medical Applications

The Lowryder Marijuana strain helps to treat insomnia as it encourages a relaxed feeling-rendering a deeper and long-lasting sleep. It is also very relevant as it is applied in the curation of worse stress disorders. As it enhances a feeling of soothing, it is an excellent elixir for stress and other tension related disorders like back and neck pain Finally, patients with persistent nausea and chronic depression may find the lowrider marijuana strain very helpful.

How to Grow

Indoor growth requires soil mix in either pots or beds, with an average 01 18 hours lighting per day for better yields. You place the jiffy pellet in four-inch peat pots and then place rootbound females into plant beds after sexing for up to 17-20 days. For indoor growth, you need to use germinated dwarf Lowryder seeds. Lighting should be at a good distance so that the plants do not overheat. Outdoor growth, on the other hand, requires sowing seeds directly into the soil after soaking them.

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