Sativa Fem Mix Pack


Dive into the exciting world of Sativa strains with our Sativa Feminized Mix Pack, featuring Chocolope, Blue Dream, and Super Lemon Haze. This collection is a dream for gardeners who love bright, uplifting plants. With easy-to-follow tips and seeds that grow into tall, beautiful plants, you’re set for a fun and rewarding growing adventure. Perfect for anyone eager to see what Sativas have to offer, this mix pack will fill your garden with vibrant colors and sweet, citrusy scents. Get ready for a journey through the best of Sativas, right in your own backyard!

Shop our extensive selection of Chocolope Feminized Seeds in our Farmer's lab. Choose from high-quality feminized seeds for a guaranteed female plant yield.
4 Γ— Chocolope Feminized Seeds
Farmer's lab offers a selection of Blue Dream Feminized Seeds, including the popular Blue Dream strain.
4 Γ— Blue Dream Feminized Seeds
Super Lemon Haze Fem for your farm lab.
4 Γ— Super Lemon Haze Fem
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What is Sativa Feminized Mix Pack?

The Sativa Feminized Mix Pack brings together three of the most vibrant and energetic Sativa strains: Chocolope, Blue Dream, and Super Lemon Haze Feminized seeds. Each strain is chosen for its uplifting growth characteristics and ease of cultivation, especially for those who prefer the Sativa variety.


These Sativa strains have roots in diverse parts of the world, where their genetics have been honed over generations to produce the most dynamic plants. From the sweet fields of Thailand to the sunny coasts of California, each strain brings a piece of its homeland into your garden.

Seed Characteristics

  • Chocolope Feminized Seeds – Offers large, dense buds with a sweet, coffee-like aroma, making it a favorite for its unique taste and strong growth.
  • Blue Dream Feminized Seeds – Known for its vigorous growth and large yields, this strain combines hints of berry and sugar for a smooth, enjoyable experience.
  • Super Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds – Stands out with its zesty lemon scent and vibrant green foliage, offering energetic growth and bountiful harvests.

Key Insights

The Sativa Feminized Mix Pack is perfect for growers looking to explore the diverse world of Sativas. These strains are known for their tall stature and need for space to stretch, making them well-suited for outdoor gardens or spacious indoor setups.

Cultivation Tips


  • Sativas love sunlight. If growing indoors, ensure they receive plenty of light by using high-intensity bulbs.


  • Give them room to grow. Sativas can get quite tall, so spacing is important to allow for air flow and light penetration to lower branches.


  • Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Sativas are sensitive to overwatering.


  • Start with a light hand on nutrients and adjust as you see the plants’ response. They need less nitrogen in the flowering stage.


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