Illinois Marijuana SeedBuy Cannabis (Marijuana) Seeds Shipped Directly to the state of Illinois. Growing weed in Illinois is now easy with the help of Farmers Lab Seeds.

A lot of Illinois is flat and used for cultivating crops of all sorts, and you’d think it would be simple to grow weed seeds for sale in Illinois. But there is a lot that you will have to think about before you are successful. 

Illinois state laws can be tricky to follow, and we’re here to help you figure it out. Learn how to buy marijuana seeds in Illinois, how to grow them properly, and what strains will work best in the environment.    

Whether you’re a medical user or just purchasing cannabis seeds as collection items, Farmers Lab Seeds is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Illinois. We offer free shipping to all US states and have a wide variety of strains to meet the diverse climate that the mid-western state of Illinois has to offer. 

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Illinois?

In Illinois, cannabis seeds have been legal since 2013 for medical patients looking to grow their own plants. People who meet the criteria of one of the 49 approved conditions are able to carry up to 2.5 ounces of flowers on their person every 14 days. Patients can also grow up to five cannabis seeds in Illinois.  

In 2019, recreational cannabis use became legal, with the law coming into effect in 2020. Adults over 21 years of age can carry an ounce of flowers on them, while out-of-state residents can have half an ounce. Recreational users, however, are not permitted to grow their own plants and risk fines if they are discovered doing so. 

If you are found to have more than five plants on your property, you will be subject to the following sanctions:

Amount of Plants

Charge Type


Estimated Jail Time




1-3 years




2-6 years




3-7 years 




4-15 years

The purchase of seeds as a recreational user comes with a warning. You are allowed to have weed seeds that have not germinated since they are not considered a drug. 

“Collector’s item” is a commonly used term. We recommend that only medical patients grow Illinois cannabis seeds. 

What Marijuana Strains are Better to Grow In Illinois?

Given that this area has a continental climate, the seasons will be clearly felt. The majority of crops, including weed strains, must be hardy in order to endure precipitation and stormy weather.

This varying environment makes the temperature both extremely hot 

in the summer and very cold in the winter months. Expect a large amount of precipitation during the rainy months when your gardens can be prone to flooding. With precipitation comes a lot of humidity, with the average being around 71%. 

Most medical growers prefer to grow their Illinois cannabis seeds inside as they can control all aspects of the environment. It also gives them the ability to harvest crops all year round. 

Marijuana Seeds Shipped Directly to Your Door. Farmers Lab Seeds is your #1 supplier to growing Marijuana in Illinois.

Ready to check out some strains? Here is a list of some of the best marijuana seeds in Illinois.

Green Crack Feminized Seeds. A hardy strain that is great for beginners who want to grow indoors and outdoors. It can be quite short, at only 4 feet tall, which makes it ideal for those looking to grow inside.

Black Domina Feminized Seeds. A heavy Indica that is a mashup of several prominent strains, such as Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Ortega, and Afghani. 

NYC Diesel Feminized Autoflower. Great for beginners who don’t want to have to mess with light timers, these Illinois cannabis seeds will grow tall and large for you as long as you can provide enough sunlight.  

How to Grow Illinois Marijuana Seeds

If you plan on growing your Illinois cannabis seeds outside, be sure to take measures to protect your plant from high winds and storms. Start your germination process inside and let the seedlings grow until they are ready to plant in late June. The high humidity in Illinois will help promote strong growth at earlier stages. 


Vegetative plants need between 50-65% humidity to encourage optimal transpiration and root growth. Proper nutrition should include high amounts of nitrogen for leaf and root growth; phosphorus for immune enhancement; and various micronutrients like calcium and magnesium. Expect this stage to last about 4—6 weeks indoors, depending on how long you want to wait before flipping the lights. 


If you’re growing an Indica you can harvest your plants within 7—9 weeks while a Sativa will extend that into the 11-week area. Due to the high humidity and wet environment, some cannabis plants won’t do well in an outdoor setting in Illinois. Nutrients like potassium and phosphorus will play big roles in the development of sticky buds, so be sure to keep your nutrient lineup reflective of that. 

Large buds need to be held up, so some sort of trellis or a large tomato cage would help out by holding up the branches as the flowers start to swell in the final weeks of growth.

Harvest your plant for the best weed in Illinois when the trichomes are cloudy and amber in color and the pistils have turned from white to reddish brown. 

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

Illinois is a great place to grow plants indoors because the temperature and storms can be hard to predict. If you’re able to have a consistent season then your Illinois cannabis seeds will benefit from the power of the sun rather than indoor grow lights. 

Outdoor Growing

Outdoor cultivation of marijuana seeds in Illinois is all about the right timing. The winter is long, and you’ll have plenty of time to get your seeds started. Here are some pointers to get you started growing your weed outdoors in the prairie state.  

  • Start the germination process in June otherwise it might be too cold for them to sprout. Do this inside for the greatest chance of success with germination.
  • Mid-July is a good time to transplant your seedlings to an outside location. Pick a week where the weather looks like it will be warm and tame.
  • Depending on the strain you can harvest your crops Mid-October all the way until late November. Cannabis Seeds Shipped Directly to Your Door. Farmers Lab Seeds is your #1 supplier to growing Cannabis in Illinois.

Indoor Growing

This is the preferred method for growing the best weed seeds in Illinois. The ability to control your environment will produce the best yields without the hassle of dealing with pests and storms. Check out next pointers for indoor cultivation of your marijuana seeds.

  • Ensure you keep your humidity at around 70% for vegetative plants and between 40-50% for flowering plants.
  • Greenhouses are a great option to bring growing indoors to the outside environment. The main benefit is that the sunlight will help produce some of the best buds you can get off a plant.  


Our large selection of Illinois cannabis seeds comes from all forms of cannabis, including feminized and regular seeds, autoflowering and even CBD strains. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about growing weed in Illinois. 

Can you order marijuana seeds in Illinois?

Yes, you can order marijuana seeds locally if you are a medical cannabis user with a valid license. If they don’t have the strain you want, then ordering from an online seed bank is the best option. 

Are weed seeds illegal in Illinois?

Yes, weed seeds are legal for medical users only. You must have a valid license in order to possess seeds meant for growing. Otherwise, you can keep them as collectors’ items as they are not considered illegal if they have not germinated. 

How can I buy weed seeds online in Illinois?

Ordering your marijuana seeds online at Farmers Lab Seeds is the easiest way to get your hands on some of the best home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/genetics-certified/genetics to grow in Illinois. We have several certified strains that will grow perfectly both indoors and outdoors. 

Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Illinois?

Medical users are able to grow up to five plants as long as they have a valid license. Recreational users are not permitted to grow their own cannabis and will be charged with a violation and a large fine depending on the number of plants. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Illinois?

Are you looking for reputable online seed banks to make your first purchase of cannabis seeds for sale in Illinois? Farmers Lab Seeds tries to keep it as simple as possible by providing strains relevant to your area so that you have the best chance of success. We use discreet packaging, and we sell regular, feminized, autoflowering, and CBD seeds.

Our seed bank mandate ensures that you get the best quality with free shipping and excellent customer service. 

  • All of our home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/genetics-certified/genetics are certified meaning they are what they say. 
  • We hand check every seed to ensure you’re getting the best.
  • Sealed from the environment, our packaging will keep your seeds fresh.

Our naturally based resins and hemp-based boxes reflect the time and energy you’ll be putting into your weed.  

It has never been a better time to buy marijuana seeds online. And Farmers Lab Seeds has the best Illinois weed seeds for sale!

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