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Discover the ease and excitement of indoor gardening with our Autoflower Seeds Indoor Mix Pack. Tailored for growers seeking simplicity and variety, this pack combines three outstanding autoflower strains that promise vibrant colors, delightful aromas, and a hassle-free cultivation experience. Whether youโ€™re a seasoned grower or just starting, these seeds are poised to transform your indoor space into a flourishing oasis.

A purple Blueberry Autoflower cannabis plant with the words farm's lab on it.
4 ร— Blueberry Autoflower Seeds
Farmer's lab offers premium Purple Punch Auto feminized cannabis seeds, perfect for growers looking to maximize their SEO rankings with Purple Punch Auto.
4 ร— Purple Punch Autoflower Seeds
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What is the Autoflower Seeds Indoor Mix Pack?

The Autoflower Seeds Indoor Mix Pack is a carefully curated selection of cannabis seeds, designed for enthusiasts who appreciate variety and ease of growth. This pack features robust, feminized seeds that transition from seedling to flowering without the need for a change in light cycles, making them perfect for indoor cultivation.


Our Autoflower Seeds Indoor Mix Pack comes from a lineage of premium strains known for their hardiness and exceptional growth characteristics. These seeds are bred to offer a seamless growing experience, combining genetics from well-loved, classic strains to produce plants that flourish indoors.

Seed Characteristics

Each seed is feminized, ensuring that every plant will flower. This mix pack includes:

  • Blueberry Autoflower Seeds: Known for their vibrant colors and fruity aroma.
  • Purple Punch Autoflower Seeds: Offers a burst of sweet and earthy flavors with stunning purple hues.
  • Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds: A fast grower that delivers robust plants with dense, resinous buds.

Key Insights

  • Adaptability – These autoflowering seeds are ideal for indoor environments, adapting well to limited spaces.
  • Efficiency – Expect a swift transition to flowering, with plants that are ready for harvest in less time than traditional strains.
  • Diversity – This mix pack offers a variety of sensory experiences, with each strain bringing its unique aroma, flavor, and appearance.

Cultivation Tips


While autoflowers donโ€™t require light cycle changes, they thrive under 18-24 hours of light per day.


Start with a light nutrient regimen and adjust based on the plant’s growth stages.


Autoflowers prefer slightly drier conditions. Itโ€™s crucial to avoid overwatering.


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