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Cannabis culture has drastically changed in a lot of countries over the past decade. With its rising popularity, plenty of studies and tests have been performed to not only know more about it but also to discover new cannabinoids which led us to CBD or Cannabidiol. Along with THC, CBD is one of the most dominant compounds found in cannabis. For many years, medical experts and the public were focused more on psychoactive cannabis but now everything has changed; thanks to the studies made on CBD Seeds.

The Effects of CBD Seeds

CBD seeds do have some psychoactive effects but nothing similar to other cannabis. As a result, you really can’t expect to get high with them but they do tend to have a sedative effect which makes it useful for a variety of medicinal purposes. From a reduction in inflammation, nausea, diabetes to even helping with alcoholism, many positive consequences can be experienced from the usage of high CBD seeds.


The not so well known history of CBD started in 1998 in Britain when the government permitted GW Pharmaceuticals to grow and study cannabis to use it in clinical trials. As per records, CBD has been in use from several years earlier but its impact or benefit wasn’t well-known at that time.

Throughout the years, a number of studies noticed that it has several benefits such as reducing anxiety, alleviating stress and decreasing the frequency of seizures for epilepsy patients. After all these years, it is only now that CBD-rich strains have become available to the general public. The focus was more on THC in marijuana strains but not anymore. CBD and THC work well when taken individually or together and offer a plethora of benefits for several health issues.


This might come as a surprise but our brain contains more cannabinoid receptors than other types. This might be the reason why human beings across the ages have been drawn to cannabis and used them for both recreational purposes and medical treatments throughout our history. Interestingly, CBD has also been found to be a natural counterpart to THC and can help with reversing some of its negative side effects. So an individual who suffers from paranoia after consuming marijuana can benefit from the consumption of CBD.

How an individual reacts to the consumption is based on the ratio of THC and CBD. The higher the THC amount, the more prone they are to having psychoactive effects, uncontrollable laughter, etc. With high amounts of CBD, however, individuals tend to get more relaxed and experience a significant reduction in psychoactive effects while not getting high.


High CBD seeds are those that come with a high concentration of CBD. As of now, the amount is considered to be somewhere around 5 percent. This range differs as there are seeds that come with 8 to a whopping 26 percent of CBD as well. These strains contain considerable amounts of THC as well. Some strains have only less than 1 percent of THC whereas others may have up to 25 percent.

So an individual who wants the medicinal benefits of CBD without the high, strains with a higher percent of CBD and lesser percent of THC would be ideal. As per some studies, patients need to consume more than 200 mg of CBD per day for treating severe diseases such as Schizophrenia. For such individuals, strains that contain 20 percent of CBD would be ideal for successfully treating their medical conditions.


Here are some of the benefits that CBD provides when it comes to one’s health.

1) Reduction in inflammation

2) Reduction in Nausea

3) Excellent pain reliever for muscle spasms and neuropathic pain

4) Helps with Schizophrenia

5) Good for fighting insomnia

6) Alleviating consequences of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

CBD Seeds-A healthier alternative

While traditional pharmaceutical drugs can treat the above conditions, they also lead to numerous side effects, some of which can be as bad as the medical condition itself. CBD, on the other hand, comes with only minimal side effects if any.

CBD Seeds-The Future

On the whole, it seems that CBD strains are here to stay. As more and more research is done, we will soon be able to discover the full range of its positive effects and any medical breakthroughs it may bring about.

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