CBD Chemdog #4 Seeds (1:1)


Discover the unique blend of heritage and innovation with CBD Chemdog #4 Seeds. These seeds offer a rich tapestry of aroma and color, stemming from a legendary lineage, now reimagined with a CBD-focused twist. Ideal for both the seasoned cultivator and the curious beginner, CBD Chemdog #4 stands as a testament to the diversity and resilience of cannabis genetics. Embrace the journey of cultivation with seeds that promise robust growth and a harmonious blend of characteristics from the iconic Chemdog family.

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What is CBD Chemdog #4 Seeds?

CBD Chemdog #4 Seeds represent a remarkable blend of genetics, offering a unique experience for enthusiasts and cultivators alike. These seeds stem from the legendary Chemdog lineage, famed for its distinct aroma and robust growth characteristics. With a special focus on high CBD content, CBD Chemdog #4 is tailored for those who appreciate the rich heritage of cannabis cultivation, emphasizing the plant’s natural properties without veering into the territory of medical claims.


The origin of CBD Chemdog #4 Seeds can be traced back to the well-known Chemdog strain, a staple in the cannabis community for its potent aroma and influential genetics. This particular variant, however, has been selectively bred to enhance its CBD profile, making it a distinct member of the Chemdog family. Its lineage combines classic strains, contributing to a robust genetic foundation that is both resilient and fruitful.


These seeds develop into plants with a striking color palette. You’ll notice a range of deep greens interspersed with subtle purples, a visual testament to their quality. The buds are notably dense and coated with a thick layer of resin, indicative of their potent heritage.


Adhering to its Chemdog roots, CBD Chemdog #4 exudes a potent and earthy fragrance. This olfactory experience is further enhanced by undertones of pine and citrus, creating a complex and inviting aroma that is both refreshing and reminiscent of traditional cannabis scents.

Key Insights

  • Versatility: CBD Chemdog #4 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, adapting well to various environments.
  • Popularity: Its unique blend of aromatic properties and CBD focus makes it a sought-after choice for cultivators and connoisseurs.
  • Resilience: These seeds are known for their robust nature, making them a reliable option for both experienced and novice growers.

Cultivation Tips

  • Climate Considerations: CBD Chemdog #4 thrives in a controlled environment, but can also adapt to outdoor settings with a mild, temperate climate.
  • Nutrient Management: Regular feeding with a balanced nutrient mix is crucial to support its dense, resinous growth.
  • Pruning and Training: Implementing pruning and training techniques like topping or SCROG (Screen of Green) can enhance yield and plant health.
  • Harvesting: Pay close attention to trichome development to determine the optimal harvest time for the best aromatic and physical properties.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds

Seed type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


8-10 weeks

THC Content





Lemon / Citrus / Pine / Sweet / Woody


Alpha-pinene / Humele / Limonene


400 gr/m2. indoor / 400 gr/plant Outdoor


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